One Night Stand Anatomy. LMFAO!!!. mu TYWIN art, ', Wow, this actually feels nice. I could see this maybe going somewhere. But more importantly, if I' m really  one nite stand lmfao funny metus
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One Night Stand Anatomy

mu TYWIN art, ',
Wow, this actually feels
nice. I could see this
maybe going
somewhere. But more
importantly, if I' m really
quiet I think: I oan stick
it in again while she' s
still sleeping.
God dammit. I KNEW I
shouldn' t have ignored
the fact that she had
more armpit hair than
me. Dr that
map. Uh map oh
map oh map. I oan' t
believe I used the "let' s
be more than just
friends' line to get laid.
tdr the "you understand
me better than anyone
else' line. tdr the "I want
you to be my girlfriend
after this' line.
OIC, don' t panic. She
doesn' t know the
condom broke. She
totally could have
gotten it from someone
else. Just play it coal,
and she' ll never HOLY
tok, seriously. That has
NEVER happened
before, I swear. I' m
usually a two, three
hour kind of guy. I was
just nervous because I
like you so much. Uh
**** . Me.
Please don' t leave. My
roommate beats me
when you' re not here.
So baby, was it good
forrow forget it, I
never even had an
erection in the first
place. Now please leave
so I oan strangle myself
with the bra you' re
conveniently going to
Egon' trudge nae.
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Submitted: 01/26/2010
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User avatar #31 - thumbsupman (01/27/2010) [+] (22 replies)
you sir, deserve a thumbs up!
User avatar #52 - ThatCoolGuy (01/27/2010) [-]
" **** . Me."
"Don't judge me."
The three sentences that made me click at the "Funny!" button. :D
User avatar #65 - Therocklife (01/27/2010) [-]
Haha! i thought of girls i knew that would fit in each picture.
User avatar #25 - Rowdunkel (01/27/2010) [+] (4 replies)
******* a fat chick is like riding a moped

Its fun until your friends find out.
#46 - leersay **User deleted account** (01/27/2010) [-]
wait, is it just me or is there always 2 guys in every picture?!?
User avatar #4 - IceBearJudgesYou (01/26/2010) [+] (1 reply)
last one isnt possible man sorry

but cripples need love too
#47 - Absolute Madman (01/27/2010) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #49 to #47 - wolfgrl (01/27/2010) [-]
yeah, hey only the fat one has boobs!
User avatar #77 - darkwind (01/27/2010) [+] (6 replies)
Fat women need love too. But they have to pay.
#9 - Mandark **User deleted account** (01/26/2010) [+] (2 replies)
HA haha! HA haha haha!
#35 - PandaiiBear **User deleted account** (01/27/2010) [+] (2 replies)
what the hell is with the quality in the first sign?! it's like they shat on each other and threw up!
User avatar #1 - charmanderman (01/26/2010) [+] (7 replies)
#5 to #1 - bmacattack (01/26/2010) [-]
do you know that posting repost is a repost of previous comments made about pictures being reposted. Once you figure that out i hope you know it means your a hippocrit. and no one likes hippocrits.
#51 - theface (01/27/2010) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #53 to #51 - ThatCoolGuy (01/27/2010) [-]
User avatar #76 - SeargantObvious (01/27/2010) [-]
It's funny cause nobody on this site has ever experienced this.
#19 - Absolute Madman (01/27/2010) [+] (5 replies)
These days its hard to come by funny pics on this site, its pretty much 13yr old ***** posting 4chan **** WITCH IS NOT FUNNY!!!!!! but that is hilarious
User avatar #21 to #19 - funnyjunkjokester (01/27/2010) [-]
Well this time it's not 4chan **** , it's collegehumor stuff.
User avatar #64 - falloutIII (01/27/2010) [-]
dont judge me
User avatar #58 - fivetwonine (01/27/2010) [-]
please dont leave. my roommate beats me when your not here. hahahahahahahahahaahha
User avatar #56 - XiloDenul (01/27/2010) [-]
LMAO. cant say anything less than that, literally i cant
User avatar #63 - LocustKing (01/27/2010) [-]
yo at least it ain't ZOMBIES!!!! ohhh noezzz
User avatar #3 - Blitzz (01/26/2010) [-]
Lmao the fat one made me laugh so hard.. Good to see something on this site can make me laugh.
#71 - kingshady (01/27/2010) [+] (4 replies)
which is the girl?
#78 to #71 - Albee **User deleted account** (01/27/2010) [-]
the pink one u stupid person!!!DU!!!
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