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#105 - Kirgle (02/24/2011) [-]
I'm sorry, but Metallica is **** . For real Thrash refer to Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, and many other of the lesser famous Thrash bands( I am indifferent towards Slayer).
User avatar #178 to #105 - RoastMaster (02/24/2011) [-]
wanna say that to their face??
User avatar #136 to #105 - TheCodFather (02/24/2011) [-]
wtf do mean real thrash, is they're a reason Metallica are one of the 'big four'
saying they are not real thrash but Safe Home by Anthraz totally sounds like thrash -.-
#408 to #136 - Kirgle (02/25/2011) [-]
I'm not trolling. People need to relearn the definition of troll. The only thing thrashy about Metallica is the **** Dave wrote. i.e The only good album, the first one. Exodus is pretty good too
User avatar #411 to #408 - TheCodFather (03/05/2011) [-]
Anthrax are less thrash
#113 to #105 - hammerzeit (02/24/2011) [-]
did u not catch that he was stoned? i dislike metalica sober. i mean theyre alright. but stoned they one one of the best bands to listen to.
User avatar #109 to #105 - thrashed (02/24/2011) [-]
Vio-lence, Demolition Hammer, Exodus, Sacred Reich....

How far back can you go my friend?
User avatar #119 to #109 - mayfield (02/24/2011) [-]
**** yeah for Vio-Lence. Flynn and Demmel for life.
User avatar #399 to #119 - thrashed (02/24/2011) [-]
Yeahh buddy haha!

Damn, I got trolled hard for that post though =/
User avatar #407 to #399 - mayfield (02/25/2011) [-]
Don't worry, thumbed both your comments up.
User avatar #114 to #109 - dwaynethjockronson (02/24/2011) [-]
Thumb for Exodus, but Metallica is good too.
To be fair, they're not a great thrash band, but they're good for metal.
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