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#311 - Dragonite **User deleted account**
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(01/26/2010) [-]
They should make a collaborative movie where all the digimon guys and pokemon meet up and have this huge war....but heres the thing..itll be a live action movie....and in 3-D.....and directed by James Cameron....just imagine Titanic and Avatar but with pokemon and digimon. O and pokemon win the war because there pokemon...they can't lose. This thread proves it. Do u see any digimon post like this? didnt think so....
#316 to #311 - Venusaur
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(01/27/2010) [-]
viva la pokemon! hahahaha btw I WANT TO BE THE VERY BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAASS
#318 to #316 - LeSquirt
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(01/27/2010) [-]
To catch them is my real test, to train is cause.
#331 to #318 - Venusaur
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(01/28/2010) [-]
i will travel far aacross the land... surching far and wide!!!!!