Generation III Facts. Front page, all three generations, at once. Amazing. Thanks!<br /> Important! For the last fact the city is Sootopolis City<br /& Pokemon facts
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Generation III Facts

Generation III Facts. Front page, all three generations, at once. Amazing. Thanks!<br /> Important! For the last fact the city is Sootopolis City<br /&

Front page, all three generations, at once. Amazing. Thanks!<br />
Important! For the last fact the city is Sootopolis City<br />
If you missed Generation II.<br />
/funny_pictures/1679644/Generation+II+Facts/ <br />
Here it is, Generation III. Feedback is always appreciated. Sorry if theres any grammatical or spelling errors, hopefully you can look past them, and enjoy this.

Generation Ill Facts
Almost all of noncooperation [ll Pokemon backstrokes are revamps of those in Generation ll games.
Generation III was the first generation to:
include a mother and father for the main character.
introduce two legendary wins.
introduce two .
These were the first Pokemon games to have a framerate " 60.
This change carried over to Firered, Leafgreen, and Emerald.
Pokemon Emerald was the first game to feature Gym Leader rematches.
Trench: has the highest Speed " all unevolved starter Pokemon.
torchic' s original design was that it had big floppy ears and a little
flame shaped marking on the back of its head.
Mudkip has the highest Attack out " all the starters at base form.
wurmple is the only Pokemon whose branched evolutions evolve further. All other Pokemon with a
branch in their evolutionary line either evolve once before the branch or do not have any other
evolutionary event besides the one which is branched.
Linoone is the shortest Pokemon at 1 foot and 8 inches.
Land is the only Pokemon that is currently able to learn Water Gun by
shiftry is the only Pokemon able to learn Icy Wind that is not either part Water or .
Although Kim can learn by breeding, it can' t learn it by TM.
Despite Gardevoir' s appearance, it isn' t in the (
egg group. C
no other Pokemon has the some type combination " surskit. surskit
is also the only Pokemon to lose its Waterscape upon evolution
At an Slicking has the highest base stat total of any t
Nincada is the only Pokemon that evolves into two Pokemon at once.
Due to shedinja' s ability, it has the mast immunities out of all Pokemon, with 12.
Hariyama is both the heaviest and tallest Fighting Pokemon.
Ami" has the lowest base stat total of all baby Pokemon.
is one of the only two Pokemon created so far that are
J naturally and without help of an ability weak to no type.
Arm' s name is an anagram of Oran; it is the only Pokemon
whose name is an anagram of a Berry
Aggron is commonly mistaken " a Pokemon, due to
it being commonly seen " fearsome " a Tyranitar
Plush is considered by many fans to be a novelty Pokemon due to its general weakness unless paired in
battle with Pokemon which has Minus. r
volbeat is the only Pokemon that can learn Flash by leveling up
Rosella is the first (and so far, the only) Pokemon to receive
bath a and an evolution in the some generation.
Despite primarily being a waterscape, sharpedo could not learn
any waterscape moves by level up in Generation Ill.
wailord is the tallest Pokemon in existence, but only the tenth
has the highest Defense " all .
A Spinda' s spat pattern is determined by its personality value, meaning that
there can be exactly 4, 294, 957, 295 different variations of spinda, or
double that number if one considers shiny spinda " different variations.
Maria is the only duality's Dragon/ Flying Pokemon that isn' t considered a or a
seviper is the only pure to not have an evolutionary relative
Creepyish can be found in the Hoenn region, but it says in its Pokedex
i entries that it came from another region overseas. This would make it
9 ' the first exotic species in the Pokemon world.
crawdaunt' s original name was Lobstah, referring to the star on its head
and the ward lobster.
x N 4 seems is the only Pokemon that needs a modification of its contest
stats far it to EV/ DIVE.
Chimecho is the lightest Pokemon at 2. 2 lbs. I P .
Absol learns the most moves of all Pokemon: 78 C
salamence is the only Pokemon who learns Fly _ I
Metagross is the heaviest Pokemon.
In the European versions " Pokemon Diamond .
and Pearl, Registeel' s sprite was edited because of its arm. The
arm' s original position is reminiscent of the salute of the Nazis. J.‘ n. . 5,
Latins and Latins were the first legendary Pokemon to have set genders, or even genders at all.
Despite this, they belong to the No eggs egg group, and cannot breed.
If is defeated in the wild, the game will say that it flew away, despite
it not being able to learn Fly.
Groudon is the heaviest Pokemon in existence to date.
Rayquaza is the only legendary Pokemon that can be caught at a higher
level than the Elite Pours Pokemon before defeating the Elite Pour. This
only happens in Pokemon Emerald.
Jirachi is the lightest stereotype Pokemon.
Delays was the first Pokemon to have its own unique battle music.
Hoenn has the most cities and towns out " all the main series regions, with 16.
Hoenn has the mast routes " any region, with 34.
Dewford is geographically the southernmost known establishment
in the Pokemon world so far.
In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, if the player goes to the
highest house on the right side of the city (the side with the
Pokemon Center), stands on the stairs outside, and hits the left
button, it is possible to use a glitch to walk on part of the rock
This it. Nat sure leant to do Generation w. Well all in all its up to you guys.
Hope you enjoyed it.
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1. Catch Sableye
2. Action Replay to give it Shedinja's Wonder Guard
3. ???
4. Profit!
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It works better with spiritomb :3
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you are my favorite pokemon
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not even struggle would effect it.
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hey i leveled up cause of this comment. thanks guys!
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oh the irony.
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i suppose i deserve this.
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*insert faggot saying hurr durr anything past gen 1 are not weel pokemon* here.
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**Alexbrc rolls 925,959,655**
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Do more! Pokemon distracts me from my ****** existence!
Do more! Pokemon distracts me from my ****** existence!
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#91 - irishrampage
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In my opinion the coolest legendaries, here's an epic wallpaper
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******* rayquaza is badass
#198 - IStoleYourSanity
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Personally my favorite generation...
Pic semi-related.
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It's funny because thats a semi-truck.

(sorry had to point out the obvious.)
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i approve of this message
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me too!
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you should do more Generation I facts.
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**fenders rolls 172,088,888** nonuplets
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**gregmax rolls 868,085,218**
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quads nice fail
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quints actually.
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Looks like quints to me!
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This is so rare!
#462 to #434 - fenders
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I feel like I just got a Metagross Pokemon from catching an already insanely rare pokemon. Basically I feel like Jesus
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Holy ****! How the **** did you get 5 in a row?
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you are a god
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the heavy wants to see him cry!