Senior Prank. Facebook:!/pages/ThePedoBear-FunnyJunk-User/195835443766740<br /> I really want to do this. Thumbs to do so.. se tpb Prank
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Senior Prank

Tags: tpb | Prank
senior Prank Idea:
liberate" Janitors set of classroom
21 no to mash with loaves of Monti
soaked Bread.
31 Feed seagulls, gather onee aileen.
II] no hack to school, using Janitors Revs,
mien classrooms, leave boxes of
smelling seasons in classes, look doors,
wait for .
lil Seagulls tucking .
In Alt'
TI Profet.
t" Bo Illia Pies ‘ t banana.
mills ermine.
mill Hill use vim its in vitusti" in i ii" 4
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