SO MUCH PUN!. PUNNNN OVVERRLOADDD!!!. andalite: this, How' d you get that rock to lie so still For the photo? Amazing! January 26 at ?', . Like mow, especially  too much pun
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SO MUCH PUN!. PUNNNN OVVERRLOADDD!!!. andalite: this, How' d you get that rock to lie so still For the photo? Amazing! January 26 at ?', . Like mow, especially


andalite: this,
How' d you get that rock to lie so still For the photo?
January 26 at ?', . Like
mow, especially since it was normally a rolling
stone. I guess I take it For granite how much I rock at laking
January 26 at 9: . Like
The is a bit fiat, but the colors are slate of
the art!
January 26 at 9: . Like
Ham, mats a real gem, -. I gravel before the
ponymaster, When it comes to laking good photos, I try to leave no
stone unturned. I really Felt that this one mole out rockopolis.
Nothing is set in stone, but I' m hoping to go back to the same site
this weekend.
January 26 at 9: . Like
Wow, you really leave me between a rock and a hard
place here. Tou' re a chip of the old rock do say so myself.
Although I dig the puns, I' m afraid f we go any further, it will all turn
into . So let' s just stop, ore else the results may be
January 26 at 9: . Like
Wow, just when I thought we hit rock bottom, you
dug deep and unearthed a Few more diamonds in the rough. I should
have mom that mm you, the next great pun is only a stone' s
away. I would add some more puns, buti don' t want to rock the
January 27 at 6', . Like
All these rock puns leave me feeling stoned to be honest.
I must admit, you have me by a landslide. My skills shale in
comparison. Sometimes I wonder how you got such an iron dad wit,
but as my dear friend Holmes tells me, ‘It' s sedimentary, my dear
January 27 at 9: . Like
Ham! you nag me up. You' definitely
peaked my interest mm your comments, especially the later ones. I
Feel like the first comments were only stepping stones. At firsti
thought we would plateau, but then we ramped it up and truly
reached the summit of bad puns. I don' t mean to make a mountain
out ofa molehill, but the only suitable Punishments can think
our misuse of the English language, is to be stoned to death, That
would truly be killing two birds wifi one stone!
January If at P, . Like
Hey, i' m down to earth enough to admit thatl lost. You
got me down in the dirt. I Feel like Igot rocks in my head, or perhaps
that's just an headache, But it' s nothing a nice king
stray at Pebble Beach won' t Clare, Though, I must submit to you a
quarry', How much longer should we keep this up? Igot a hot date
tonight, and f all goes well, we' re gonna make the bedrock.
January 27 at & . Like
Ham, that was a Talleyrand effort to end the
discussion, but I just searched the ends of the earth and was able to
find a Few more, For example, the puns on this page surely must be
as countess as all of the grains of sand on the seashore. You may
think that I' m laking it too Far, but you knew when we started this
discussion, thatl wasn' t afraid to get my hands dirty. But seriously,
let' s stop this discussion before it erodes any further, IF this
retinues, I' m going to lose all my marbles.
January 28 at 9: . Like
Indeed, all the earth is a stage and we are merely players
wifi apparently good vocabulary. Sorry to soil this last post wifi
more rocky puns, buti couldn' t resist the gravity of the sillyanon. But
I agree, f we go any further, both our names will be mud, I do
admit, I Feel bad For whoever starts reading these posts randomly.
January 28 at 9: . Like
SHE and stories may break my bones, but your
terrible puns will never harm me, I' m glad you were a good sport
about this, and not a big ' stick in the mud. IF anyone thinks that
this discussion is anything but golden, they would do weh to
remember that people who stones shouldn' llive in glass
houses. Hopefully you or someone else can think of some more so
that this discussion doesn' t bite the dust. That' s all I have For now, IF
I try to think anymore, I' ll drive !
January 30 at 6: . Like
Silt is, .. wait, did you say "terrible puns?" Sorry don' t measure up
to you but I' m not about to worship the ground you walk on or kiss
the pavement at your Feet. Seriously, who took a dirt nap and made
you king of the hill? Sorry, maybe I' m being overly defensive, but my
feelings are ceramic, tough but brittle, What did I do to earn this
basalt on my character anyway? I Feel like you just dashed my hopes
and dreams on the rocks, Ihope I' m coming across dear as
you want to bring me down a Few notches, you' ll have to do it brick
by brick,
January 30 at & . Like
A how abouti mart wifi this newsflash, the
Earth doesn' t revolve around you! Don' t be a crater, be an
appreciator. I admit that the rise in tension on this could
only be described as meteoric. That' s why I' m going to leave this
discussion before it Eves in on us and leaves nothing but rubble.
February lat T, . Like
also apologize For the delay, I' been delving
deep into my work recenly, burning the midnight oil.
February I at T, Icorn . Like
That' s , I' been down that rocky road befire so I
know how it an sometimes Feel like quicksand,
February I at P, . Like
Holey moley, I Feel like we' re trying to dig ourselves
out of a hole wifi a shovel.
February I at & . Like
What makes you say that? Do you have any concrete
February I at . Like
Write a comment,,,
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