The Glorious Adventures of Muff Volume 1. All feedback is appreciated.<br /> <br /> Check out my other stuff:<br /> <br /> /funny_pictur muff FUNNYJUNK
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The Glorious Adventures of Muff Volume 1

This is my computer,
literal do ma magic.
This is ma Front door
which Ne left ajar to let in
And this is a
Photo mg
by orders
I scream about one the great Pantheon
of ll) comic makers such as Arnoldbusk or
but] need input from
users. what Jo aou want
to see in a comic? Do
Hou want a serial? Do
Hou like MS Faint, or
hams! cerain
tape shit.
She me ""3 comic
iciest Hou have via I' M
or in the comments. HI
still , original stuff, I
just like input too. In the
meantime, click on all
these, so Hou can he
legatee) DH my comics.
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