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How to ask someone out (DESC!)

Hey, ive been Let me hear?
thinking about something...
We' know eachother for a
while now, and i would like to be
more than just friends." Would
you like to go out sometime?
Axum, thats so
sweet. but i
think it would
be better for
us to stay
lust friends".
enough. Then
i guess ill see
you later.
Why the fuck
are you penguins
You will find out
later in the comic
lol, but we are here
to give you 2 options,
and you must follow
atleast I of them.
First off, my option:
I suggest that thou
walk over to her and
apologize for making
a move this quickly,
and that you hope
that it doesnt affect
your friendship...
If she accepts, you will
have more time to build
up a solid relationship
You will not only
get to spend more
time with her, you
will also eventually
another chance to ask
her out!
Hey, that was
actually not a
bad idea!
is, that it takes
Oh, thanks! Hey.
Bend over* they mu
g Y fous
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