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User avatar #228 - Pestilence (02/07/2011) [-]
If you've ever actually gone bear hunting, you don't shoot them in the head.
User avatar #238 to #228 - Reegareth (02/07/2011) [-]
where do you shoot them then??? I would have thought that going for the head would be the best chance to get the job done quickly .
User avatar #255 to #238 - meatsohns (02/07/2011) [-]
You have to shoot them in vitals once they move their front leg otherwise you would hit them in the shoulder blade and that would just piss them off
User avatar #239 to #238 - Pestilence (02/07/2011) [-]
Bears have extremely thick skulls, it's often not a fatal blow.
User avatar #258 to #239 - Mysterymeato (02/07/2011) [-]
you go for the heart, right?
User avatar #262 to #258 - Pestilence (02/07/2011) [-]
Yeah, basically just wait for an opening to any vital organ.
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