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#678 - anon
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(01/22/2010) [-]
Gayest... ********... EVER.

"The game"? Really, Teeg? You cocksucking piece of ****. How creative is that? A bunch of **** characters that MAY or may not spell "the game" and a ******* rainbow background?

How about you take your mouth off your boyfriend's dick and explain the answer? Or is there even an answer? There isn't, is there?

You have failed me.

And yes, I lost the game.
#680 to #678 - teeg [OP]
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(01/22/2010) [-]
lul u mad
#682 to #680 - SammichNotSandwich
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(01/23/2010) [-]
what a bish go to hell stop posting ******** on funnyjunk