Anti Jokes Part 1 (READ DESCRPITION). please thumb either way before clicking next!<br /> Part 2 is up! --->
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Anti Jokes Part 1 (READ DESCRPITION)

please thumb either way before clicking next!<br />
Part 2 is up! ---&gt;

Anti Jokes
Part 1
Why did little Sally fall off the swing?
Because she had no arms
What' s worse than finding a worm in
your apple?
The Holocaust
Why did the boy drop his ice cream?
Because he was hit by a bus
Why did the girl fall of the bike?
Because she was retarded
How do you confuse a blonde?
Paint yourself green and throw
forks at her.
Why can' t Micheal J fox draw a perfect
Because drawing a perfect
circle is nearly impossible for
any human.
What did the boy with no arms or
legs get for Christmas?
What' s green with wheels?
Grass, I lied about the wheels
What' s worse than spilling coffe on
your brand new shirt?
Getting raped by a giant
A duck walks into a bar and the
bartender says "What' ll it be?"
The duck didn' t say anything
because it' s a duck
A horse walks into a bar and the
bartender asks "Why the long face?"
The horse replies "My wife is
dying of terminal cancer."
What would George Washington do if
he were alive today?
Scream and scratch at the top
of his coffin.
What' s the differnce between a bicycle
and a black man?
A bicycle is an object and a black man
is a human being.
Disclaimer: Not all of these are
for more!
50 for never again!
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Submitted: 02/05/2011
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User avatar #460 - emoface (02/14/2011) [-]
a hore walks into a bar
the bartender says "why the long face?"
the horse respondes by kicking the man in the face and rampaging thrugh the bar
User avatar #461 to #460 - emoface (02/14/2011) [-]
#450 - anonymous (02/06/2011) [-]
oh hey, i was on antijokes the other day!
you know, that website that all of these are from?
the horsehead network is not impressed
User avatar #448 - porchmonkeywarrior (02/06/2011) [-]
these are ******* hilarious!!!
#446 - IcyTyrant (02/06/2011) [-]
I literally laughed out loud at all of these XD  
Please accept this as a gift  
I literally laughed out loud at all of these XD
Please accept this as a gift
#443 - StupidInTheFace (02/06/2011) [-]
Why didn't the frog jump?

Because it was dead.
User avatar #454 to #443 - Nightelfbane (02/06/2011) [-]
Its funny how every1 thumbed this content but was horrified at the dead frog.

Do you know why?

Because frogs are ******* awesome. I hope you choke to death on a live tarantula.
#449 to #443 - IcyTyrant (02/06/2011) [-]
Dude, thats just sick.
Go die somewhere.
#451 to #449 - StupidInTheFace (02/06/2011) [-]
STFU when I'm talking
#452 to #451 - IcyTyrant (02/06/2011) [-]
I hope you choke on that cereal.
#453 to #452 - StupidInTheFace (02/06/2011) [-]
#442 - ordinarycitizen (02/06/2011) [-]
that was.....pretty awesome!
User avatar #441 - Eventually (02/06/2011) [-]
The last one is wrong. A bicycle can't steal a black man.
#445 to #441 - anonymous (02/06/2011) [-]
no its wrong because a black man is not a human being
#438 - fugONEONEEIGHT (02/06/2011) [-]
50 thumbs = 1 moar

1831 thumbs = 36.62 moar

Keep em comin big guy
#459 to #438 - Faint (02/06/2011) [-]
#440 to #438 - stickmaina (02/06/2011) [-]
u forgot this
#444 to #440 - fugONEONEEIGHT (02/06/2011) [-]
Thank you good sir
#437 - anonymous (02/06/2011) [-]
User avatar #435 - FightClub (02/06/2011) [-]
is it weird that these are ******* hilarious?
#433 - theawesomeq (02/06/2011) [-]
I loled hard and fell in love with this innovative joke concept but it got old by the fourth one.
#430 - editreality (02/06/2011) [-]
*****					 stole mah bike!
***** stole mah bike!
User avatar #429 - dcdude (02/06/2011) [-]
My first thought when I woke up today was, 'Thank God I'm not Egyptian.'

Not because of the political unrest over there; I'm just racist.
#428 - anonymous (02/06/2011) [-]
hahahaha!!!! this actully made me laugh out load for a good minute!!! hahahaha. u my good sir is awesome!
User avatar #427 - dcdude (02/06/2011) [-]
whats brown and sticky ? a stick
User avatar #425 - dcdude (02/06/2011) [-]
your freind is so gay , he has consensual sex with other men and enjoys it
User avatar #422 - Purrdye (02/06/2011) [-]
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