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#516 - mrcommener (02/01/2011) [-]
Maybe if all you can post is about "Bieber" than you maybe you should go **** this "Bieber". Since his sexuality is on your mind so often.
#519 to #516 - AltiarCow (02/01/2011) [-]
You're a dumbass. I'm sure he didn't post this because bieber's "sexuality" was on his mind.
#522 to #519 - mrcommener (02/01/2011) [-]
Sure thing babe.
#527 to #522 - AltiarCow (02/01/2011) [-]
lol. I'm just saying, people are here to laugh, and not be hated on by some close-minded ******** that hates on this guy for posting about justin bieber. Oh and <sarcasm> very mature on your intelligent remark using the word "babe" </sarcasm>
#529 to #527 - mrcommener (02/01/2011) [-]
I'm just tired of Bieber on FunnyJunk, quite frankly it's not very funny.
#531 to #529 - AltiarCow (02/01/2011) [-]
See, you could have just said that. I agree, but every now and then i get a couple chuckles out of them.
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