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WW2 bro.
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are you retarded? This has nothing to do with ww2
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Yeah, Germany being posted as "Lawful Evil" as has absolutely nothing to do with Nazi Germany murdering millions of innocent people, no, you're right.
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there is a reason why you're being thumbed down. ohh yea im sure Israel and Iran particpated in ww2 as well right? Fyi Israel was founded after ww2 dumbass.
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You think Israel and Iran were involved world war 2? are you ******* retarded? Germany should be posted as Chaotic Evil. By the way, look who's talking about being thumbed down, Mr. "Unliked by funnyjunk".
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I was further proving my point about this post NOT being about WW2, because Iran, israel did not participate.
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I know this post wasn't about World War 2, but you were bitching about how Germany was labeled as Lawful Evil and wanted to know why, and I was just telling you why op might have labeled Germany as Lawful Evil, because maybe, y'know, WHAT NAZI GERMANY DID TO PEOPLE DURING WORLD WAR 2. Soldiers marching up and down city streets trying to find Jews so they can send them to concentration camps WHERE THEY WERE GASSED, BURNED, OR WORKED TO DEATH, why? Because Germany's leader at the time was an EVIL, LAWFUL, heartless ******* monster. Now I really ******* hope you understand now that I had to explain this to you, since obviously you didn't get it the first god damn time.
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lol your ******* stupid.
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And you're a retarded faggot who sucks dick and trolls all day.
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