Why women are like job interviews.. Wow! Front page thanks guys. A woman has a close male friend, This means that he is probably interested in her, which is why
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Why women are like job interviews.

Why women are like job interviews.. Wow! Front page thanks guys. A woman has a close male friend, This means that he is probably interested in her, which is why

Wow! Front page thanks guys

A woman has a close male friend, This means that he is probably interested in
her, which is why he hangs around so much, She sees him strictly as a friend.
This always starts out with, yen' re a great guy, but I don' t like you in that way.
This is roughly the equivalent for the guy of going to a job interview the
company saying, You have a great resume, you have all the qualifications we are
looking for, but were net going to hire you. We will, however, use your resume
as the basis for comparison for all other applicants, But, we' re wing to hire
somebody who is far less qualified and is probably an . And if he
doesn' t work out, we' ll hire somebody else, but still not you, In fact, we will
never hire you, But we will call you from time to time to complain about the
person that we hired.
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#297 - TheCrowdedIsland (01/26/2011) [-]
Girls are like rocks

If they're flat, skip em'
#310 to #297 - AdobeMan (01/26/2011) [-]
Girls are like cocks

if they get in your way when your trying to watch TV
beat em' until stuff come outta there heads
User avatar #340 to #310 - Wasausky (01/26/2011) [-]
A girls like a fridge once a week you should stock it.
User avatar #184 - dtcrawl (01/26/2011) [-]
Man, if it wasn't for boobies, I would be gay
User avatar #45 - Apostasy (01/26/2011) [-]
The friendzone = I really like you as a person, you're just not attractive enough for me to **** .
#141 to #45 - shotthesherriff **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#135 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
i used to have a guy friend who was always around me and we were so close. i told him how i felt about him one day and he told me we couldnt be together becuase we were really close and he didnt want to ruin the friendship. he stopped talking to me after that.
User avatar #190 to #135 - dannnjl (01/26/2011) [-]
I said the same thing to my best friend Emily, I mean the only reason I talked to her was to try and be with her, then we became rly close and I nvr pulled the trigger then one day shes like I wanna be more than friends and I said so do I but I don't wanna risk the friendship we have, if things don't work out we may ncvr talk agreed, she agreed and we're still good friends today.
#332 to #190 - haloreachinmyass **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #193 to #190 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
yea but this guy completely ignored me. like we never even talk.
User avatar #198 to #193 - dannnjl (01/26/2011) [-]
is he gay? (serious question)
cuz that doesn't make sense that hes like i dont wanna ruin the friendship then completely ruins the friendship
User avatar #199 to #198 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
thats what this guy just asked, i guess so because he has been acting fruity.
User avatar #206 to #199 - dannnjl (01/26/2011) [-]
ha that makes more sense
situation sucks though, but I say **** that kid
User avatar #213 to #206 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
i know. lmfao i hooked up with some guy a few days after so its all good. altho we broke up like 2 days ago.
User avatar #218 to #213 - dannnjl (01/26/2011) [-]
U whore! Jk
good ****
User avatar #219 to #218 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
yea, man.
User avatar #231 to #135 - wolvesbrickwall (01/26/2011) [-]
he probably didn't like you. (i.e. your not attractive)
User avatar #159 to #135 - BoltnmoltXII (01/26/2011) [-]
Or you are just one ugly-assed bitch?
User avatar #183 to #159 - toosexyforyou (01/26/2011) [-]
i love you
User avatar #171 to #159 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
i was called hawt the other day on the funnyjunk facebook page. so i dont think so.
User avatar #173 to #171 - BoltnmoltXII (01/26/2011) [-]
Just think about what you just said, think about the type of guys on there..
User avatar #177 to #173 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
begone troll.
#423 to #177 - Cluster (11/19/2011) [-]
this website is mainly for trolling
#157 to #135 - Diggaholic (01/26/2011) [-]
Are you ugly?

That's probably why...
#149 to #135 - gingerbane (01/26/2011) [-]
Anon answer: your probaly just fat
My answer: Yea I know how you feel
Forever alones answer: ME 2 OMG PLOX
Guy you like: You where to fat for me sorry :(
User avatar #151 to #149 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
im not fat tho -.-
#156 to #151 - gingerbane (01/26/2011) [-]
Want more answers from meme's? NO? Then......V
<................................................................... ........<
#158 to #135 - theroboticpikachu (01/26/2011) [-]
thats happened to me before...except the other way around
#150 to #135 - ICEDgrunge (01/26/2011) [-]
I hate to break this to you, and I am not trolling you, honestly not, but I think hes gay.
I hate to break this to you, and I am not trolling you, honestly not, but I think hes gay.
User avatar #152 to #150 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
i think he is too. hes been acting a little fruity.
User avatar #153 to #152 - ICEDgrunge (01/26/2011) [-]
Does he wear a scarf in the summer?
User avatar #168 to #153 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
lmfao no xD
User avatar #169 to #168 - ICEDgrunge (01/26/2011) [-]
Does he we a scarf in the winter?
User avatar #172 to #169 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
User avatar #174 to #172 - ICEDgrunge (01/26/2011) [-]
He's gay.
User avatar #176 to #174 - FJgurltwo (01/26/2011) [-]
i kinda figured.
#181 to #176 - ICEDgrunge (01/26/2011) [-]
Well, scarfs ARE the universal sign of homosexuality, its just not blatent.
Well, scarfs ARE the universal sign of homosexuality, its just not blatent.
#350 to #181 - LegendaryWalrus (01/26/2011) [-]
as shown by sassy gay friend, except in his case he is obviously gay.
as shown by sassy gay friend, except in his case he is obviously gay.
#349 to #181 - John Cena (01/26/2011) [-]
User avatar #319 to #172 - squeaky (01/26/2011) [-]
Hold on a monkey fisting, cat punching, ass raping second, I wore a huge-ass scarf that could cover my entire face (I made it look like I was a ninja), and I am on the verge of having a girlfriend (She just got out of a relationship, and even though we both like each other a lot, she wants to wait a few days)
User avatar #387 to #319 - ICEDgrunge (01/27/2011) [-]
Good Cover.xD
#234 - Sabor (01/26/2011) [-]
"Friends" with a Woman?

How does that work?
#247 to #234 - theengrishlanguage **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#249 to #247 - Sabor (01/26/2011) [-]
I do not know of this "Friend Zone" place...
#250 to #249 - theengrishlanguage **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#251 to #250 - Sabor (01/26/2011) [-]
Have you tried Suiting Up?
User avatar #270 to #234 - frankwest (01/26/2011) [-]
It's funny because Neil Patrick Harris is attracted to men.
User avatar #273 to #270 - Sabor (01/26/2011) [-]
Because he ran out of women
User avatar #278 to #273 - frankwest (01/26/2011) [-]
Well played, sir.
#66 - macsmack (01/26/2011) [-]
I recently asked out a girl who had put me in the friend zone. She hasn't spoken to me for a week.

GIF semi-related
#68 to #66 - John Cena (01/26/2011) [-]
how is this a gif...
#71 to #68 - macsmack has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #113 to #66 - EpiphanyQ (01/26/2011) [-]
That would be a JPEG... though I know that gifs don't have to be animated.
#57 - mnemmick **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#64 to #57 - Obergefreiter (01/26/2011) [-]
rape zone brah
#100 to #64 - pigsispigs **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#79 to #64 - philidelphia (01/26/2011) [-]
User avatar #98 to #64 - mynamemax (01/26/2011) [-]
hee looks like sadam hussain
#107 to #57 - uteruspunch (01/26/2011) [-]
try being a dick to her. She'll look for acceptance from you the only way woman know how to: a sammich or sex :D
#106 to #57 - BananaOrgy (01/26/2011) [-]
Thats why you gotta be mean to the bitches
bitches love mean guys
User avatar #385 to #106 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
well said mate, they want a guy who appears like he kinda, sorta likes her but has more options thus he doesn't care to show appreciation as much as a nice guy would. we all know this too well. so...something along the lines of "the sex was kinda good, i think we need a break" and play hard to get...or in op's case i'd recommend ceasing being too nice to her anymore
User avatar #418 to #385 - BananaOrgy (01/27/2011) [-]
i meant hitting her... but yours is good too
#8 - Apairofpants (01/26/2011) [-]
Sounds about right.
Sounds about right.
#15 to #8 - Deathfyre (01/26/2011) [-]
Sassy slide combined with Pendulum Sass... an excellent combo
User avatar #220 - umopapisdn (01/26/2011) [-]
Women are like hurricanes. When they come, they're wet and wild. When they leave, they take all your **** with 'em.
#20 - xxyoungbloodxx (01/26/2011) [-]
User avatar #22 to #20 - SebyMeister (01/26/2011) [-]
Had a friend in that situation..So i told him to go at her and ask for real if they wanted to be more than friends..He did and she didnt ,,hired" him because he was too good and **** so I went to the bitch and i said: ,, **** you whore.Who the hell are you to behave like that?". Now she doesn't speak with him anymore because she taught he've put me to say that and my ,,friend" don't speak with me either because what I did.. But I feel satisfied because I ended his misery.

I suggest you to go and say the same thing....You will feel alot better
User avatar #23 to #22 - xxyoungbloodxx (01/26/2011) [-]
one problem she sees me as a brother
User avatar #32 to #23 - SebyMeister (01/26/2011) [-]
Nono dude, don't be her brother or anything that doesn't apply to a healthy relationship. I know you like/love her, and she is so cute and kind when she is talking to you.. But grab your balls in your teeth and go to her and say ,,Wanna be more than friends? No? Then goodbye"..You waste alot of oportunities, fun, girls being ,,her brother"..Trust me dude, better to be a jerk, but a jerk with balls than a "brother" without balls
User avatar #33 to #32 - xxyoungbloodxx (01/26/2011) [-]
she said so not me lol
#154 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
I always try and date the nice guys, i have a fetish for nerds and geeks and those "best friend" types, but i always get dumped....

apparently nice guys don't want to date nymphomaniacs
User avatar #161 to #154 - Dorigan (01/26/2011) [-]
i for one see nothing wrong with nymphomania
User avatar #163 to #161 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
thank god, more men need to be understanding of my disease
#186 to #163 - Reaperofmemes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#189 to #186 - Reaperofmemes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#200 to #189 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
i have dated my best friends and loved them, then i get dumped for being too sexual.

if i am in a relationship sex is a part of love

and if that doesn't work for them i always invite them over to play Pokemon Stadium on N64 with me....
#205 to #200 - Reaperofmemes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#209 to #205 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
thanks! and hey it could be mr or ms, i swing both ways

a sammich for you
#262 to #209 - Reaperofmemes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #259 to #209 - andWEEEEEEEE (01/26/2011) [-]
marry me :D
User avatar #263 to #259 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
only if you propose with the words

"I choose you"
#271 to #263 - andWEEEEEEEE (01/26/2011) [-]
roxymaverick, I CHOOSE YOU :P
User avatar #276 to #271 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]

on the interwebz at least
#284 to #276 - andWEEEEEEEE (01/26/2011) [-]
woohoo! gif somewhat related
woohoo! gif somewhat related
User avatar #396 to #200 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
there's no such thing as being too sexual lol if the relationship is healthy, then sex should be as rough and as often as you both crave it.
#202 to #200 - Reaperofmemes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#274 to #163 - subcass (01/26/2011) [-]
Dises-- what? Nymphomania cannot be contracted like a virus, it is simply loving the pleasure of sex. I, for one, would love to meet a nymph, for i think of myself as one too. I'm also sure that the guys you dated just couldn't handle your sex drive, and became afraid that that would become grounds for you to break up with them; in short, they got to the potential break up before you did (Insert "Potential Break-up Song by Aly & A.J." here).

_pic for all the trolls who hate the way i speak-
User avatar #391 to #274 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
i'm telling you right now, those "nerds" didn't dump her because they couldn't handle the sex drive that's crazy, we all crave sex. it's just that they thought it would be awesome to be with someone who is explicit about it and maybe obssesed. but the when they dated this maybe led to doubt, maybe she would cheat on him on the flip of a lightswitch with anyone she finds hot, because she LOVES sex and doesn't see any barriers. i dated this girl, she LOVED sex, and i did it because i thought i saw something, and then i found about about her sex past, and i was just uneasy, it dint feel good to know that ur girl loves sex alot and would probably **** some random asshole because of that.
User avatar #420 to #391 - subcass (01/27/2011) [-]
1. There is something called limited stamina that I'm pretty sure you have never passed having SEX BEFORE! 2. That's just a ******* restate of what I just ******* said, except in this case, the estrogen-taking period blood drinker that has hold his tiny pee-pee with a tweezer; that's you; felt that you'd be triumphed by a big, black cock monster that made Chuck Norris his bitch; most likely me. But then again, it's not like either of us actually know why Roxy's ex's left her, so i'll just leave you to fume and mumble obscenities to yourself while your mom comes over to my place and caters to my balls. -all said with a smile-
User avatar #421 to #420 - Obergefreiter (01/28/2011) [-]
that **** was wack. the girls i have been with have been more than satisfied, enough said. by the way i think you may be a black person, a ****** , if you are, know that i hate you and your entire race. **** you subhuman.
User avatar #422 to #421 - subcass (01/28/2011) [-]
Now i see why your hitler gif is wasting a perfectly good watermelon in front of me, -lawls, then seriouses- You just mad 'cause you anit never broke a girl's hymen, no matter how many times you tried. You anit gotta tell me how many women you "pleased" esspecailly since you cant tell when your doing it right since you anit never seen the real expression.
And no **** , im black. You just complemented me, my expanded vocabulary, and my vast knowledge of sexology and psychology. But i think it's time you HOPPED OFF THIS DICK, BITCH!!!

-the crowd goes wild; "DAAAAAAAMMMN, HE TRIED YO AZZ DECEN'" random black guys say-

User avatar #423 to #422 - Obergefreiter (01/28/2011) [-]
didnt read the whole thing you are prolly a virgin so bugger off.
User avatar #424 to #423 - subcass (01/28/2011) [-]
Well, look who's the educated one now... XD
User avatar #280 to #274 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
disease was the wrong word and i appreciate your comment, it made me laugh

ps, love the pic
User avatar #293 to #280 - subcass (01/26/2011) [-]
by the way, I'm surprised that a beauty like you would even be on here and talk about your desires like that. That's kinda brave, what with all the trolls here and everything. There's always bound to be one ass who wants to start a riot on the internet.
User avatar #302 to #293 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
Oh i know, i really like being a part of the community so why not just talk about it openly? There will always be a troll whether it's on FJ or in real life so I just forget about the chances of getting trolled and have fun on here
User avatar #308 to #302 - subcass (01/26/2011) [-]
Nice. Is there a way I could add you as a friend on FJ, 'cause you seem like an awesome chick!
User avatar #309 to #308 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
I just friend requested you!
#314 to #309 - subcass (01/26/2011) [-]
-My Face-
User avatar #395 to #309 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
i would recommend hiding your sexual past and take it to the grave with you. date a nice guy, no sex, then when you are pretty into the relationship show your awesome sexual drive and your guy will love you for it. i am the guy at the other end of your situation, i "dumped", so to say, my last two girlfriends because i found out about all these guys in their pasts. one of them inquired about my sexuality, she didn't know i was a virgin but i lied and say i had been with 3 people before her, then she spilled her guts and her list was pretty long lol my point is, make your guy feel good about himself, don't let him know that you have had way more action than he has. otherwise he won't appreciate you, in fact he will dump you.
User avatar #393 to #309 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
roxy, nymphomania is not a disease we all love sex as much as anyone, including nymphos, but when you are known as a nympho people think you just wanna hump everything you see, it doesn't have to be bad. let's say you like to **** alot of different guys, but they gotta be hot. i know a couple of wome that are like that, one of them is a self-declared nymph and as far as i know she only ***** whoever she's dating at the time, but then again she has had 10 times more boyfriends as i have had girls. i like a girl that loves sex but that hasn't had alot of partners, the problem is that alot of people **** the same night, from there the relatioship becomes purely sexual, then comes the dumping. then you repeat that with the next 5+ guys.....
User avatar #397 to #393 - roxymaverick (01/27/2011) [-]
here's the thing, i only sleep with people i date...
User avatar #399 to #397 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
how far into the relationship do you start having sex?
User avatar #400 to #399 - roxymaverick (01/27/2011) [-]
i wait until the 6 month mark, past the honeymoon phase

this doesnt include any other sexual stuff though
User avatar #401 to #400 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
woah, well then i misunderstood you at first. six months is actually pretty good, especially nowadays. are you saying you don't have intercourse with the guy until 6months but you gave him oral and such pretty early?
User avatar #402 to #401 - roxymaverick (01/27/2011) [-]
not early, like after a month
User avatar #408 to #402 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
then i don't think you are getting dumped because of being too sexual, it's something else.
User avatar #410 to #408 - roxymaverick (01/27/2011) [-]
no no no after the 6 month mark its non stop with me
User avatar #416 to #410 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
they just can't handle you can they, maybe they are not well fed lol
User avatar #179 to #161 - deadguyseven (01/26/2011) [-]
i agree most men even good men would see nothing wrong with that. if anything they would like them more lol
User avatar #390 to #179 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
i don't date girls who have been with blacks or junkies(yea i'm racist, and i like classy girls), or nymphos. i just ******* hate when i date a girl that has had so many partners, i don't feel appreciated. i feel like i'm just another guy on their list, and to me that sucks ass. last two girls i dated, turned out to have a sexual past starting from a very young age, now i'm just looking for that one girl that hasn't been affected by today's trends and actually thinks that it's awesome to give yourself only(if you can) to the love of your life.
User avatar #412 to #390 - macsmack (01/27/2011) [-]
You're a self admitted racist and overall prejudicial and expect to find a girl who isn't affected by today's trends.

HA! Wish you well on that one.
User avatar #417 to #412 - Obergefreiter (01/27/2011) [-]
yes i am a racist and there's nothing wrong with having standards, surely there HAS to be some of those good traditional women still left out there, i live in florida and great girls here are scarce, so yea i think i will need luck to find a girl that isn't part of the mass of sheep
User avatar #229 to #154 - wolvesbrickwall (01/26/2011) [-]
you could just be ugly......
#233 to #229 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
this is me
User avatar #326 to #233 - trustsharpeye (01/26/2011) [-]
I would also greatly enjoy to partake in sexual intercourse with your person :)
User avatar #328 to #326 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
haha well thank you!
#246 to #233 - John Cena (01/26/2011) [-]
I would indeed partake in intercourse with your person. Quite.
User avatar #254 to #246 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
aww thank you!
User avatar #240 to #233 - wolvesbrickwall (01/26/2011) [-]
i give it a meh. he probably found a hotter chick who wanted to be with him.
User avatar #243 to #240 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
eh alright, you are entitled to your opinion
#290 to #154 - neovanilla **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #292 to #290 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
this is not a troll

sorry to disappoint!
#301 to #292 - neovanilla **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #304 to #301 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
awwww thanks! i am flattered!
#331 to #154 - demonpinguin ONLINE (01/26/2011) [-]
you're a nymph?!?!
wow, first person(if you really are(and a girl)) that is a nymph

I would like to meet a girl like you
User avatar #334 to #331 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
yes i really am, and i am a girl

you can always friend request me!
User avatar #341 to #334 - demonpinguin ONLINE (01/26/2011) [-]
really? you would accept?!?!?!
User avatar #257 to #154 - JAlbastlkr (01/26/2011) [-]

i'm in.!!
User avatar #261 to #257 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
why thank you!
User avatar #266 to #261 - JAlbastlkr (01/26/2011) [-]
Any guy who denies a nympho is retarded.

Unless youre on of those ****** psycho ones that growls n **** ...
User avatar #275 to #266 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
no no no

i dont do anything that they dont want me to, otherwise i do whatever they want
User avatar #282 to #275 - JAlbastlkr (01/26/2011) [-]
welllllll then youre ugly? haha
no offense
User avatar #283 to #282 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
you can see my pic below
User avatar #291 to #283 - JAlbastlkr (01/26/2011) [-]
.................for some reason i dont believe you haha
User avatar #295 to #291 - roxymaverick (01/26/2011) [-]
would another pic of me prove that it is me?
User avatar #383 to #295 - JAlbastlkr (01/27/2011) [-]
time stamped?

yeahh that would do it
#192 to #154 - John Cena (01/26/2011) [-]
Translation: Pay attention to me!
#121 - roadingout **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#2 - theaflackduck (01/25/2011) [-]
Great job OP.
Great job OP.
#288 - PoopedInDaFridge (01/26/2011) [-]
This always happens. I bet this has happend to most of us. I dont get the **** that girls do to us. This is a great example of what happens in the real world. A thumb for you. I dont quite understand women and I never will and never will anybody else, yet they make us most happy and I am content with how I am now.
#351 to #288 - fjknight (01/26/2011) [-]
that is so true! The only problem though is that people like us are the kind that girls say they WANT, but then they start getting in a gossip circle, and they say that they want a bad boy instead. So, to me, that is what happens to us guys.
#313 to #288 - llmattll (01/26/2011) [-]
dont talk with your mouth full
#122 - minipa (01/26/2011) [-]
i did that once, i moved on got a girl friend and she started liking me lol.

and i was like bitch please i see you as a friend XD
#124 to #122 - TheAlmightySHMO **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#111 - rkaler (01/26/2011) [-]
and i found this ******* true.
#76 - hometownhero (01/26/2011) [-]
fukken favorited.
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