Revenge on an ex. I tried submitting this in the comments under the submission 'Cheating girlfriend' but it is too small to read there, It's a long read but wor Revenge on an ex I tried submitting this in the comments under submission 'Cheating girlfriend' but it is too small to read there It's a long wor
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Revenge on an ex

Revenge on an ex. I tried submitting this in the comments under the submission 'Cheating girlfriend' but it is too small to read there, It's a long read but wor

I tried submitting this in the comments under the submission 'Cheating girlfriend' but it is too small to read there, It's a long read but worth it. it's also a repost but i'm sure there's plenty who haven't seen it so i don't give a ****<br />
/funny_pictures/1539392/Cheating+girlfriend/<br />
EDIT I didn't write this i think is was on here ages ago i was just reminded of it from the submission 'cheating girlfriend'

Evening -IN.
I ieme to you tonight to share you a late
A tale
A tale eattin
Ann mistat all the almighty hates women.
Rest assure there we be no in mah neighbourhood. no moving to bet air, or letting swish drivers twill be
them later.
Here' s more its at, abouts months ago. be sited. latent out to the good guys use knew when mean ausfags]
and eel resort a brand new handy earn. ire sitting at he me by to work the tucker out all or a sudden there' s a
kneel: attire deer. and who else is it, but my , her eyes out, playing the sympathy card hard. so i let her in
this mistake}. on not tend ether and we went en one terms but she explains to me that she she pregnant cause
the and her boyfriend are both as stupid as ens another.
She heb' lg IT. whim she cant gets her rants net any other attends this to ultimate shame and harsh that would nostalging hat
WINES ISSUSE HE' S M Mr tas a real man . " " I assosciate ‘Milt Mt SHE I am tter tity HOPE tta DEN"!
help. was hoping she would ask me to punch her in the . but she wants mate take heme a toilets. posing as her my old brother. being
desperate she were to so anything.
seep as any self respet: lang gentleman I ‘blew me" and in theatre curbstomping spirit she does. and though I admit titties nothing spatial. It
teast' tad twiitter, she thatta' ts LII} anemone at me Stilt! SEES she miseed HIST. I let. and SHE Sars "so are MIP ME" and MES it on me.
this bitch fetched me enter hard alter em break up and this WHEN is a godsend. a anee In elite time Titania to melt her warlike never before. so I Isekai
her, and simply tray "get FIE tittys out" SHE ms, and Still NUS Still MES Still talis ME a like its ytte orlly Weld SHE MEWS. I sent stop
laughing. tality she drops the bomb, " going to tell Hermes u raped me u shit‘ right there and than I shat enough motto build the of china, and
she slams the door.
I Anonymous
I are ' , I {ESE arouse or Ed. I ' l rape her. t) are the EHW ' ha , ) ratt like mat dent eel lust
muse I say. nah man, I didn't do shit would be t' ucked. right then I hearing new Damara beeping. I pm duo and read the semen ‘low
dent ", and my grin my sheet: oft, In no Welles new set no reenter and neon‘: realised. out new heard he
whole thing was intere. lhe mitts moment almost had me in tears,. arrears,. ihat night deed tasked till. as I expected: and asked me down to
the station. my In shook. and I told the police ill me a seeped to explain to myopia.
I told aspirants about me tape and , amt was going to bring the tape with me to the topshop. but then Ithit me. no their: that mingle
who I' . It: h a tide. and went with the demo watt' tel. a their of Medan. the toes were outspeed. and I made Huston sound really naivete and shitty. so
they charged tree with meets ethane. assault. harrasment all this bullshit and I hams front court in the comoros month, came, and that more was
In that been battletag and earning on tilts a , on amount other many years ousting lessons. shed wall: hackle her seat
and we me a amenity tooling grin tatami wanted to has the fed: either. when I leek the stand I pretended to be shitting We and have a reel ,
matte build that biota t. . the ease for three mutt appearances or " days.
Cl Arsenymous
on the deal day. In the morning the] Lodge said dietary would compile theatre. by the and piers day. during I told my lawyer about the tape, he
tmie h 'elliottx ME "IOU ' ltt bastard" ', MEN' S him the ESE. and MEI spat cm ME " I bath to my treal, I and
waved at her smiling, whim wiped her we straight oil. announced the new evidence and hitoha lights. and barn, up on the semen before the
whole teen was no one use a one writers. we the trees weird llama “diaeresis watching it. measurement away.
the lost: on her tees was to me, slime happiness In the world. the mutt was monitor about 5 mins otherthan, and the Jury elite their been room and
emerged in S blink at an are I was it' the judge dressed charges on men In [else swamps with " my reputation and
wasting petter resources. my legal fees hadta be paid try her and her parents and boyfriend disowned her and I did not step my arse miter about
2 ttritts, to dale itwas) Hid mine 'hats HE? to HIE. ' was so sweet,,,,, SHE IS DUI the Eli ytte Cale, SHE WES tta' eatt' tant,
the related. " her
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