Facebook comp Pt.2. Part 1: /funny_pictures/1520304/Facebook+comp/. FACEBOOK tomp PERT 2. I wake up tn the morning feeling like . 3 i‘ -I: -we ago Like - Commen facebook comp pt two
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Facebook comp Pt.2

I wake up tn the morning feeling like .
3 i‘ -I: -we ago Like - Comment
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Travis Feud overrated?
hours ago via Facebook Mobile . Like . , 1' person
Ill? Josh . -‘Hung over and worn out from banging random
8 hours ago r Like , , 3 people
MW 3% Littered with V, D?
7 hours ago k Like . , I person
to wear out before you an find your man pandas in a veritable
of needles, coke lines, TNA reporters and let' s be real, . 'there' s
probably a lesser Baldwin brother in there somewhere?
T hours ago . Unlike r , 4 people
I Bram! -on tua. married that the ape holding your junk back's going
Sarah "y is single.
about an hour‘ also like - Comment
Tear 5. 'tshit happened? ml:
about an hour ago . Like
Examine Don' t think its any of yours
about an hour ago via Facebook Mobile . Like
it on facebook
ill Tern" sorry to intrude on an event so private you decided to put
It about an hour ago . Like
Dead hookers, broken tass, Swat fearne. Riots on my rusting. Last night didnt happen,
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Stage" hahaha! what the hell did you do, Christ?
Yesterday at via ' Lite
Chasey. at forgot all about the hot dog guy
Yesterday at 7; Sapm ' Lite
Christopher': E Wat WTF did we acctualy see a dead hooker last
nimals? I have : memory
Yesterday at 3: ' Lite
ll Chase‘ I - "mesh definitely, we even waited by again and said "yup,
shes defintely deaf
Yesterday ' We "
Christopher- " NOW! I also may WERE
Yesterday at & ' we
Chaser - yup! halal ivory &secretly funnier the blue gloves
they were wearing
Yesterday at 8. teapot ' Lire
Yesterday at l Lke
nobody can tire that From you
Yesterday at . We ‘till 1 thereof:
Tammy l we 3 cant breath thro all this pain and hurt, never be have i felt
anything this bad.
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Q Thar. - I _ / hates wrong shrieker's?
3 hours ago
I Amanda . i Whey, what' s up?
2 hours ago
I: Tawny -. all ii Delete Farmville by mistake
2 hours ago
so THUMB! up we Mona!
Bur, Ir YOU venue up
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