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it is pronounced interwebz
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I would set the difficulty setting to Peaceful. That way my hands wouldn't explode but at least I can mastur....

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Slender Horse
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I know of the Slender Man as well! Soooooooooo creepy.
I know of the Slender Man as well! Soooooooooo creepy.
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1st comic
5th panel
3rd speech bubble
1st line only
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Kind sir, because you have so obviously tried to ignite a conversation from within, this gives me complete un-awkward permission to lay the bottom of my tongue against your head and let you know i am indeed aware of the long legged nature of the legs on the horse on my shirt.
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Haha... It says "the similarity in our asses-"
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i like your profile pics
*fap* *fap* *fap*
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It's common knowledge that when you inform a persona of the fact that you are in possession of a large mammel of the Equestrian Variety they will promptly leave the conversation.
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Alternative alternative ending
Alternative alternative ending
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or you could stop wearing the ******* shirt

"im going to wear a really weird shirt. oh no people keep talking about it. time to bitch about it in a comic!"
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i love the way repost work save the image wait a month and repost and noone remembers cuz every1 on fjfaps their brains out
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