Interview With A User: SpidaChris. I interview HimTheSixSixSix!<br /> /funny_pictures/1517111/Interview+With+A+User+HimTheSixSixSix/. Many people enjoy co laughalotw Interview SpidaChris
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Interview With A User: SpidaChris

Many people enjoy content by certain
users, but how well know these
people , There are thousands of
Funnyjunkers on this site, and I plan
To learn about as many as I can Join
me for:
Interview M/ ith A Ustim' n
My first interview is with a user' named
Spidachris. Spidachris joined the site
on May 23rd of 2010. He is ranked
1584 on content and #52 on
comments. I strt down with him to ask
this "knight of funnyjunk" a few
Level 23 Hui ht of mun iink
I. What is the origin of your' username?
A: Well, when I was a kid, I loved Spiderpman, my name
happens to be Chris, and I live in Louisiana. So, put that
all together.
2.! -Tow much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck
could chuck wood?
A: I' m not quite sure, but I know Chuck Norris can chuck
as many goddamned wood as he wants. He' s Chuck
Motherfucking Norris
KIT you could sleep with any Funnyjunker, who would it
A: Tinyheadhouse, Uberandrew, or... well shit. Andrew
mainly because I had good fap to Lesbian Cookies y. y
4. What is you favorite food?
A: Nachos, I live off that shit.
5. What thing do you want most on or for Funnyjunk?
A: Unfunny r' epost gone, a front page post, and a reason to
get off my lazy ass and make a comic.
6. Have you heard about the word?
HOPE YOU ' Alty.
Views: 1778 Submitted: 01/14/2011