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I have blue eyes. I got them from my
father. My mother has black eyes. She
also got them from my father.
Ahh, the end of the year.
The one time a fap lasts two years.
What' s long and always hard for
Driving anywhere.
My wife and her sister are twins and
look alike in almost every way. Her
sister lives with us.
One time I came home from work to
find her in the shower so I got -
dressed got into the shower with her,
started touching her and said, "How
about some quiet time
without your sister being home?"
Then I realised I had made a terrible
It was my wife.
David Blaine needs to up his game
because I' just seen the best street
magician ever.
He tore his shirt open, screamed
Allahu Akbar" and made himself and
thirty other people disappear.
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