mormon chat laffs. ohno no . oig anon. A I no w on you shortly. Agent [John] rcaiy no as on you. Jan - Henna Jan How are you? l Good no yourse mormon chat laffs org/chat/ ohno no oig anon A I w on you shortly Agent [John] rcaiy as Jan - Henna How are you? l Good yourse
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mormon chat laffs

ohno no . oig anon.
A I no w on you shortly.
Agent [John] rcaiy no as on you.
Jan - Henna
Jan How are you?
l Good no yourserf?
John‘ rm great, thanks
Jan What Innings you no mormon. org chat today’?
l Wen we an a question. rm ewes! sure about smoking over, nun we an one question
Jan may go ahead
Me: Ii I meme a Mormon, Is In we I have no shave my woes " Que than no my ears, wear gran "
an odd nunnery: days, never have sex again unless Ins mo: , an so the drew
peopie om have them, burn an we ever owned remaning no annoy spears, no ‘Mm
mun, no worst oi an I have no yuan a day no the goo on .
John. none oi man Is me.
Mo: Wen what exacty does bang a Mormon %R.
John Wen In means you are email oi Church on Jesus own oi Semis no you We your
We no fawn: one ways oi Jesus own, no may one oi HIS Gaps! In your ‘Ive.
Me. so Mormons In one Swami bumming oi Jesus &
John: we [renew In one Swami Coming oi Jesus own.
Mo were oio In Cam'
John In has»! happens! yen.
Me. sun you behave res ocming?
Jenn: Yes
Me Is we any moi om re on come nan?
Mo Ii non Ins buds ‘Ike IWW, fora nus In one oi one MFWW,
John. Wen, He on we Mn need no have can. no one one Is moi, as wen as one Book on Mormon.
Do you res never gonna give you u?
Never gonna FT you down’?
Never gonna run around no men you?
Never gonna mane you am
Never gonna say good bye’?
Never gonna (en a he no mm you?
wen fuck OWEN! om.
A women we not‘ I no not‘ In you shortly.
s mg no as: you.
Me: Hey
Seth‘ Hens canon, now are you TEEN
l rm timing gran
l no yourserf?
I am awesome, (hanks !
soon men Innings you here no mormon. org
l so ten me Sam we do you ‘Ike being Mormon?
Seth: I Huey bang a meaner because In res waned me no mine a better person, no ara me no
come denser no own In my We
l nen sounds was s In easy no mine a Mormon?
Seth you wow mo no amend Church mo: us, no barn we In Is we
Me: Is new an dukes I wanna have no Min’?
Seth res we Is caged a my okay, no one Is so an oi one sen/ we In Is
voluntary, no an members have one WSW, on . awe no =
Mo. nus sounds ‘Ike one peruan "Wig ior me it% now. Is everyone In one Mormon
Seth: we try no a, nun no one Is peruan, my do you ask’?
Mo seoi rm no a honest mo: you. we nan vigourously {NS enfire @
Wiw, off " merely . I fen a strung oontapuon awn one one oi us, even though we\
itarim face no face. I nope you [red one same way. I Mn came buckets ‘Ike I never have before,
and we come no ems. rm gay . rm gay no on no: you ‘Ike no come won me "
NS We '@gilla, Noumea?
A Iowan vow I new you shortly.
new no ma no men you.
Sell! Hem my name Is Seth. How may I new you?
wen, I : some hem.
Ram now rm ironing A women
A women.
An one same Mme
son was we so
was IT
A no WI"! you shortly.
no as on you.
Colin How may I rep you?
l Woops, bend " a Swami one oven Is neeping. Just one Mormon .
l .Ahah rm . I om own an oven. That‘: a gran none you use In around one wordpeace
no on smash»! has ended.
Welcome no , anon.
A In w I no w In you shortly.
Anyhow] Is may no asdlsd you.
Mo Henna’?
Andrew: Henna, my name Is Andrew.
Me: HI Andrew
Andre - How may I rep you?
Me: I Mai some =
Andrew: on
Me: rm stuck an { dead ere Ion. I worn ior some snuper file, and I chat WM about one
an day. I gen narley any exercise, no I go home no a pa oi a me, we SKIN refuses no Vet me m
re nane:, even though I many om wanna. rm mmw, about MW, In an no a gun no one mo, own
no easy.
Me: so In ram today.
so Khan‘; a mus.
w. Inoino no , anon.
A will no with you shortly.
Agent [Anyhow] rcaiy no assist you.
Andrew. How may I rep you?
l Hey MEM rm reving a on oi a pronlem it% now, no rm Ironing ior some
Anon n
l Exersice I was a yuan an I was very, now do I pun D . I no {NS mo wow Milli every
toupee oi moms. Everynite re wow some over, we wow go may In another room, WM one .
we wow see we coma pun Chew pa SUCKS one farthest In months, no whoever pee: mine
inst man! He aways won, nun I no iun anyways. wen re snapper { when I was ( 17 years am, no
now I In no gen my ineens no may the game won me, no now I have no ineens.
no chat suntan has ended.
A yo w I no w you shortly.
Agni! moo s eady no an a you.
Todd How on I = you?
Me hey (odd
Mo so murmurs are the ones man can have mes ?
Todd‘ No rm sorry.
Mo Fuck me In the ass won a plunger. Ream
Mo wow (Mir Ina, scanners my ewe universe.
no chat ms t has untied.
Welcome no , anon.
A vow I new you shortly.
Agni! [canon] Is nanny no 355! you.
Cohan Henna, my name Is canon.
Cohan How may I = you?
Me. HI canon, we an a own guestion about I saw on yourside
Cohan: on
Mo on Te' bottom oi the chat We page I saw “Tm: feature Is non Intends! ior members oi we Church oi
Jesus own oi nannerpus SENS no Contact Church Church members
questions " persona manners mo: Chew Wood
Mo: How do I mine a Wood Iether?
canon what’?
Me: How do I name a been Iether? In sounds We an Interesting Tore
canon You wow have no a a meaner oi the church
canon no even men, than are canings
canon Non sought %R% or campaigne: ior
Mo NW“. How about sexual favours? wow om gen me In do , T,
no chat ms t has ended.
A wall no with you shortly.
Again [Joshua] ' ready no ass" you.
Joshua: Henna, my name Is Joshua. How may I rep you?
Mr hem), my name Is Joshua. How may I = you?
l l' Ii you do non nautre assistance, I fewest you Ieave ( . Here an Mormon. org we are (mug no
spread w' word about Mormons. We‘ re non TR' g can In burners everyone makes us out no a. we may
naming an races, we no 1' %% awe. we ask you no take a Ian an our , no Contact me again I
any questions arse.
hanks you ourside.
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#39 - sparkieemae
+19 123456789123345869
(01/10/2011) [-]
Find perfectly nice people privately practicing their religion.

Troll the **** out of them.
User avatar #61 - arabguyxyz
+13 123456789123345869
(01/10/2011) [-]
i went on there with my friend 3 weeks ago
Swear to god(to allah)
all we said that we were muslim and they stopped chatting immediately
#52 - Emenemeny
+10 123456789123345869
(01/10/2011) [-]
"Talk to a live representative"   
Talking to a dead representative would be rather poor conversation really.
"Talk to a live representative"

Talking to a dead representative would be rather poor conversation really.
#22 - FATasHELL
+8 123456789123345869
Comment deleted by JamaicanBacon [-]
#28 to #22 - JamaicanBacon [OP]
+2 123456789123345869
Comment deleted by JamaicanBacon [-]
#73 - Wernette
+7 123456789123345869
(01/11/2011) [-]

Today, I decided to give Mormons a chance

oh well too bad for them
#18 - SovietCommander
+7 123456789123345869
(01/10/2011) [-]
User avatar #23 - TurtleGuy
+5 123456789123345869
(01/10/2011) [-]
Q: How many Mormons does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Zero. Mormons don't use light bulbs because they can't see the light.
#24 - zalgofive **User deleted account**
+4 123456789123345869
has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #26 to #24 - TehNewestGuy
-1 123456789123345869
(01/10/2011) [-]
is that ALL you do is complain about reposts?
#27 to #26 - zalgofive **User deleted account**
+1 123456789123345869
has deleted their comment [-]
#35 - flamyras
+3 123456789123345869
(01/10/2011) [-]
*all of the people you talked to*
#31 - Tosspot
+3 123456789123345869
(01/10/2011) [-]
every time i try, no matter with what name, they always disconnect immediately. HOW DO THEY KNOW