Mythical Creature and Monsters. Part three is now up!<br /> /funny_pictures/1491146/Mythical+Creatures+and+Monsters+pt3/<br /> Here's part 2!<br  Mythical Creature and Monsters Part three is now up!<br /> /funny_pictures/1491146/Mythical+Creatures+and+Monsters+pt3/<br Here's part 2!<br
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Mythical Creature and Monsters

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mythology describes ths " of
serpents' as a creature mm
sometimes quantites who rs
famous forts to km wth a soigne
glance we us cousen. the
sashoks are sad to be born
from a Enron of serpents and roosters
w suitcases, a hang mm
pure black eyes ( normally whte
approach a person at than home on
car, asking to be net w They usually have a
very dry personally, almost no personally at
all, unless they are told that they cant come
In, to Much they get very agitated Most
people describe dread and
w the presence ofense Black
Eyed Bangs, but they cant say exactly why
we purpose lvademon rs demonic
possession we overtaking Ma numan' s body w omen!»
dam Is soul People who are n/
possession become controlled to various extents hymns
on spawns we demon may try to physcally normie person
or than Tawny, but usually they seek to scare them Why?
Because excessive fear makes a person weak
Doppelgangers are often seen as bad omens w many
curcumstances, the Doppelganger shows up danng or soon
events, such as w the case Sn
George won London He was seen by
muliple guests at a party at Inns home, simony standing and
staring ahead sgently, on the same he med at sea
we wendigo rs a demon; spent behaved by
Name American tubes to possess humans and turn them We
we term 'Wendie' or '' rs used to descibe both the
em spot as well as the creature that humans can become when
possessed owe spot
a man named Jack Hanan and ms brother
were arrested for kong over 14 people who he unarmed were
wendigos or about to become them
A newshound rs adog oftern. found nu mythologie,
Folklore and Is also seen w "ton
have features such as black ,
gnawing red eyes, super strengh and/ or speed,
ghostly or phantom , and
sometimes even the to talk are
often allocated mm the element owe and may
have freebased amines and appearances,
hellhounds appear out suddenly and
have been known to vaarin w a of an eye
Lucifer rs the former strongest angel w Heaven manner
was Heaven' s roost powerful Seraph loyal to
God and to Heaven Minn God created humanity God
asked all the angels to we the humans more than God
but Lucifer refused to be more We
God and refused to bow down to the Humans As
parchment, God told the second strongest angel w
Heaven and brother, Seraph to banaan
Heaven and put mm mm a realm of eternal
torture thatboi had constructed known as Hell
bandoned Heaven and Learner became known
as Satan
Lucifer eventually created Inns own army and
fawn angels to ad mm w Inns revenge Vrouwen on
to get revenge on Heaven winch Includes
knowng Seraph Mchale, destroying the Human race, and
the thrown of God
Signally documented w Penna, the feared Manticore
or Manticore, has sad to been scanted w places as vined as the
jungles and and, more rarely, the Forests of
North Ameica and Europe
t rs described as nanna the body on a horn and a tan on poisonous
spines, seminar to porcupine / ls were are some recounts that
the spines can be shot we arrows, thus making the manticore a
lethal predator eats us n/ whole, using Is Innis rows of
teeth, and leaves no bones banend
the Sandman rs a character w many hendren' s stones, revoked to help
on lull) chldren to sleep He rs sad to spankle sand oddest on or Antoine eyes on
the chm at nght to hung on dreams and sleep we gnt or 'sleep' w ones eyes
upon waking rs supposed to be the fawn! owe Sandman' s work the wen/ nuns
were rs also another creature name "Sandman', but ths creature rs
very defferent ts scrn rs that persons, decayed and discolored has very
nonbenders and many sharptooth t noes Just out w the dark and
whispers "tiktok. tiktok" to Ms unlucky victem wrs strange chant quckly puts the
n/ We aderp sleep Once asleep, the Sandman w/ l come out and
devourer sneering warm wth Is sharptooth only needs to feast once per nght,
but l w/ l sometimes chose to km sunburn wrs creature can only come out w the
dark rs sad to be the em brother Mme good sandman, but some people
succubi are beautifui and awwable women, unbake wen mane counterparts,
incubi Though succubi do sometimes have hawks mugs features
such as horns, awn, homes and fangs
w medeval European lore, succubi appeared to men w we nght and seduced
them mm sexual encounters cenobite monks seemed to be especally prone
to such attacks, often succubi forgery lustful thoughts or sexual
dreams succubi could suck the his force of men, meanng them exhausted or
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sparkles in sunlight to attract the teenage girls to have a relationship with them that spans over 4/5 books (i dont ******* know) and ***** her in the last one. this creature is hated for making 80% of the population butthurt faggots, it also rights literature that can be compared to that of a cats scrotum
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If the sandman whispers tik toc, does that mean kesha's the sandman?
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What is the name of this meme ?
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Well to be honest I forgot but I just name it "blown away" meme lol I'm sure you can find the name but I forgot
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So the Sandman turned evil after hearing Kesha's "Tik Tok".
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My thoughts exactly.
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Hell hounds you say?
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But there are no hellhounds in Five. Fukken fail.
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what about this creepy bitch?
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