Weird Video Game Facts 4. I GOT A FRONT PAGGEEEEEEEEE TWO OF THEM C:<br /> part 1: /funny_pictures/1459774/Weird+Video+Game+Facts+part+1/<br /> part game facts Four cool Awesome
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Weird Video Game Facts 4

Weird Video Game Facts Four
Holy mother of god, I got front page with one of these. Anyways, here' s
another one to celebrate my first front page.
In Super Mario Brothers, the bushes are recolored clouds because
Nintendo didnt want to stretch the budget higher.
Guybrush Threepwood ofthe Monkey Island series was named
Guybrush because the developers at Lucasarts couldn' t think up a
name for him at first, so they named the file containing him "guy". The
file type was listed under ".brush". They decided to name him Guybrush
before releasing it.
Deus Ex was released in 2000. Due to memory limitations, they decided
not to include the Twin Towers. They made up an excuse that they were
destroyed by a terrorist group.
There is no water at any point during some and Knuckles (not counting
title screen)
Mario' s mustache is a different color an his hair. Heyllo DID I NOT
Sorry guys, not so much this one!
Its getting harder to find these
quick tied: to les right now because i can :33333
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