i fucking LOL'ed. thumb either way you lazy bastard, this took 3 minutes to paste and edit... Best thing i've seen ALL year! lol fourchan nigger troll The Game dinosaur porn
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User avatar #3 - connorbeyond (01/01/2011) [-]
Best thing i've seen ALL year!
#2 - richardjames (01/01/2011) [-]
please get this to the front page
#1 - gammonbits **User deleted account** (01/01/2011) [-]
the best three minutes of your entire life :P
#4 to #1 - thephantur (01/02/2011) [-]
It took you 3 minutes to read that?
#5 to #4 - gammonbits **User deleted account** (01/02/2011) [-]
I didn't say my life, I said your life... read the description and then my comment

Lol, you're sure right, you can't read
#6 to #5 - thephantur (01/02/2011) [-]
No. When someone says that they usually base it off of personal ability.
When people usually see something like this they go:

"Best 10 seconds of my life!"

On Youtube:

To a 3:15 clip: "Best 3 minutes, 15 seconds of my life!"

You, sir, fail.
User avatar #7 to #6 - thephantur (01/02/2011) [-]
Go on a YouTube video... people either say:

Best... of my life! Or... best... you'll ever have of your life!@#
User avatar #8 to #7 - thephantur (01/02/2011) [-]
The "your" part is based on what they experienced.
#9 to #8 - gammonbits **User deleted account** (01/02/2011) [-]
well that is just idiotic, why the hell take a word and change it to mean its complete opposite.. makes no sense to me
I still fail to see how I fail for using a word correctly but then the internet never does make much sense.
User avatar #10 to #9 - thephantur (01/02/2011) [-]
It's not just the internet.

If you go up to someone and say: "Dude, if you smoke this, you'll get the best high ever!"

How would you know without personal experience? Everyone will automatically assume you've tried it.
#11 to #10 - gammonbits **User deleted account** (01/02/2011) [-]
true in that context, but not so in the context of a freaking joke
User avatar #12 to #11 - thephantur (01/02/2011) [-]
It works. Just think a bit and it should come to you. If it doesn't, then something's seriously wrong with how you interact with people via language.
#13 to #12 - gammonbits **User deleted account** (01/02/2011) [-]
I understand what you are saying but you are taking a phrase that only works in certain situations and using it in a context that makes no sense... you know what I don't care anymore
User avatar #14 to #13 - thephantur (01/02/2011) [-]
It works in almost all situations.
#15 to #14 - gammonbits **User deleted account** (01/02/2011) [-]
except this one, where the comment was a joke
I refuse to play anymore, goodbye
User avatar #16 to #15 - thephantur (01/02/2011) [-]
The comment was too obscure to be a joke. See you.
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