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Help! Did my tree juts get me high?
we went out and bought a grand fir christmas tree. today we dressed it. up to my
elbows in sap and poked out my eyes twice with rebounding branches. AFTER WE
FINISHED, AS F BY SUDDEN, it hit. I cant function. i feel sobono stoned and drunk.
its ridiculous. DID I HAVE AN ALLERGIC REACTION Did one of those creepy bugs
come from it and bite me?? This is super intense. I keep impression that
there are like tons more people in this room. I CANT WALK RIGHT, BUT MY
CAUGH WENT AWAY, . any ideas as to why i feel this way? i dont. i worried
about infi should be worrying. thanks for your help. going to try and stand up now.
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Stop doing crack and see if you feel the same.
1 week ago
100% 21/ otes
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