TOP 10 PLACES YOU WOULDNT WANT TO BE PT2. Hey, close your mouth. It's unattractive when you do that.<br /> Credits to listverse<br /> TOP 10 CREEPIE korean power
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TOP 10 PLACES YOU WOULDNT WANT TO BE PT2. Hey, close your mouth. It's unattractive when you do that.<br /> Credits to listverse<br /> TOP 10 CREEPIE

Hey, close your mouth. It's unattractive when you do that.<br />
Credits to listverse<br />
TOP 10 CREEPIEST PLACES: /funny_pictures/1431824/TOP+10+CREEPIEST+PLACES+PT1/<br />
Part 1: /funny_pictures/1426246/TOP+10+PLACES+YOU+WOULDNT+WANT+TO+BE+PT1/

TOP 10
Ramree wand m Burma IS a huge swamp
enormous seawater crocodile_ we m the wand t IS also home to
manana carring museums, and venomous scorpions Danng we Second
World War, we wand was we sue a SIX week battle m we Burma
campaign Here IS a of one effuse nights That night
February 1945] was we most hornoxe that any member dine M L
motor launch] crews ever experinced we scattered Me shots m we
black swamp punctured Mme screams men crushed m mesa's
of huge reptiles, and the blurred worring sound of spelng crocodile made a
cacophony vexx that has rarely been on earth At dawn we
armed to clean up what we crocodile had (ett or about 1, 000
Japanese sewers that entered we swamps , only about 20 were
round ahve/
we Norm Tungus Read (Read Death or Death Road) IS a ex [
we rm) or ea as rm) road seadog from La Pam Como,
as rm) northeast of La Pal m we Tungus regain t IS
ts extreme dangerzown estimates stating that we to we
Kramer: are med yearly along It we road Includes crosses marking many
the spots where nave men we road was bat m the durag
we Chan War by Paraguayan intoners t IS one dine few routes that
connects the Amazon Vegan Belva, , to ts
captai my Because dine extreme or at least 500 metres (2, 000 I),
lrdw - most of we road no 3 2 metres me l) and Ack
asguard rare, we road IS extremely dangerous Further SUM, ram, tog and Just
can make oregano's w many places the road surface IS muddy, and
can loosen rocks from we road
w the Spang , actuay Caspian Sea affine Men
coast created a new wand w ember 2001 were was an repressive
griphon m at , butthert were no cascaies or
evacuation warmogs But does not nave a angle acme volcano, at
least not m we usual sense Mme word does nave IS mud
volcanoes - hundreds Mud volcanoes are the of
we more common They do erupt occasionally wth
spectacular reams, but are generally not considered to be dangerous - mess
you happen to be there at we wrong we every twenty years or so, a mud
volcano explodes wrw , shooting names hundreds odometers We the
sky, and tonnes on we surrounded area w one ,
we names could earny be seen from as gasometers away on we day ewe
explosion, and were stil burning, athough at a sower level, three days later
we zone IS we 30 meg rm exclusion zone around we sue of
we Chernobyl nuclear reactor (Master and IS administrated by a specal
Mistry Stuarts
Thousands refused to be evacuated from we
zone or resumed were later (hertha decades ms elderly
population has . tellng below we m 2009 Approximately mot
these We m we town , others are spread m villages
across the zone Alter recurrent attempts at expulsion, the armories became
recomened to thar presence and even allowed Insted supporting sen/ mes for
them Because , there IS a strong pence presence - so be warned, xx
you van, you may ether be shot or get
owe snore , due south dine heart emo Paulo, IS a xana w
Gram (Snake ) we wand IS untouched by numan
developers, and carvery good reason Researchers estimate that on we wand
We between one and we snakes per square meter mm not be
so terable we snakes were, say, 2 manes song and nonvenomous we
snakes on Grande, however. are a wane memes , we
golden we genus ls responsible m we of
Brainpan Catalans we golden that occupy
Snake wand grow to wel over nan meter song, and they possess a powerful
Castigating that melts the elesh around men mes ms place IS so
dangerous that a perent IS required to van
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#125 - SuperDemonJesus (12/29/2010) [-]
50,000 people used to live here....

now only like 400 old people do..
#144 to #125 - sissywoo (12/30/2010) [-]
#274 to #144 - TylorFTW **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #479 to #274 - ddogx (12/30/2010) [-]

Wait, what the **** ? Why did your left arm fly off? Magic tricks everywhere in this bitch O_o
#346 - ReiiDzOr (12/30/2010) [-]
mind= blown
#352 to #346 - John Cena (12/30/2010) [-]
Call of Duty 4
#353 to #352 - ReiiDzOr (12/30/2010) [-]
User avatar #371 to #353 - Rolyat (12/30/2010) [-]
i was amazed when i first saw it ages ago
User avatar #362 to #346 - MajorRed (12/30/2010) [-]
Infinity Ward really did do their homework on that.
You know the hotel you operate the Barret 50 Caliber Sniper from, the Hotel Polissia, and the building you pass through to get to it, the "energetic," is all very real.
#199 - futility **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #234 to #199 - thatswhatshesaid (12/30/2010) [-]
**** ! you beat me to it! i was gonna make a fallout comment. oh well, thumb for you :)
#695 - qwopchampion **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#697 to #695 - John Cena (12/30/2010) [-]
thats exacally what i was thinking
#432 - Wingwalker (12/30/2010) [-]
when i saw no. 2 the first thing that popped into my head was

50,000 people used to live in this city, now its a ghost town
User avatar #442 to #432 - divinedpk (12/30/2010) [-]
no.3 made me think bout napalm
User avatar #444 to #432 - lechindapu (12/30/2010) [-]
holy balls thats what i thought too then i though of the sniping mission
#453 to #432 - Thirstforfail (12/30/2010) [-]
i thot the same thing. then i played it cuz i thot: its on funnyjunk, it is even more awesome.
i thot the same thing. then i played it cuz i thot: its on funnyjunk, it is even more awesome.
#365 - endlessspaghetti (12/30/2010) [-]
I have spent at least a night in each of those places.
all you have to do to survive is drink your own piss.
#15 - FUNNYASSHIT (12/29/2010) [-]
50,000 thousand people used to live here, now its a ghost town.
#35 to #15 - rapeyourmother (12/29/2010) [-]
US Marines stationed on high alert *HELICOPTER CRASHING SOUND
#55 to #35 - ziefaggot (12/29/2010) [-]
User avatar #141 to #55 - Tankcat (12/30/2010) [-]
Said Captain MacMillan ***
User avatar #142 to #141 - ziefaggot (12/30/2010) [-]
OH YEAH! sorry they both sound kinda the same
User avatar #131 to #55 - DPiddy (12/29/2010) [-]
That mission sucked.
User avatar #133 to #131 - ziefaggot (12/29/2010) [-]
wasn't bad but it takes for ever and gets confusing at the part where you have to runaway.
#21 to #15 - oROWo (12/29/2010) [-]
I Was Just Thinking That.
User avatar #76 to #21 - toogodly (12/29/2010) [-]
me too
#30 to #15 - John Cena (12/29/2010) [-]
50,000 thousand would be fifty million
#14 - Arcaina (12/29/2010) [-]
I think I found my new dream job spot.
#18 to #14 - FUNNYASSHIT (12/29/2010) [-]
why? Stingrays are much safer.
#237 - LOLance (12/30/2010) [-]
Zone of alienation?
you mean
Bloc at cod4?
#191 to #184 - GawainBoneCrusher **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#222 to #191 - John Cena (12/30/2010) [-]
#117 - ILiekMudkipz (12/29/2010) [-]
Sooooo Did anybody else recognize the ferris wheel from Call of Duty 4?
#120 to #117 - discosticks has deleted their comment [-]
#148 to #117 - TylorFTW **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #796 to #117 - IncarceratedNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
thats exactly what i was going to post! damn you!
User avatar #121 to #117 - undereightyeight (12/29/2010) [-]
User avatar #435 to #117 - clydefrogg (12/30/2010) [-]
best mission in that whole game.
User avatar #123 to #117 - TheHutchie (12/29/2010) [-]
Yeah, there was a fairly large post on here a good few months ago about a guy who visited there because it was in CoD4. Everything in the Ghillies in the Mist mission was based on the area, and it's a staggering likeness.

Captain MacMillan ftw.
User avatar #798 to #123 - IncarceratedNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
i liked carrying him :3
User avatar #800 to #798 - TheHutchie (12/30/2010) [-]
I think Captain MacMillan facts are way better than Chuck Norris facts.

"Captain MacMillan is the only man on Earth who can make Sgt. Reznov cry."
User avatar #801 to #800 - IncarceratedNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
isnt reznov the guy who escaped vurkuta with mason and died in the escape but mason sees him in his missions still?
User avatar #803 to #801 - TheHutchie (12/30/2010) [-]
Yeah, he was also in World at War. He is never seen to cry, and if I'm wrong and he is seen to cry, it's because MacMillan is nearby in disguise as a tree or a sheet of corregated metal and Reznov knows but you don't.

Captain MacMillan was in every mission of Modern Warfare 2. You just don't see him because he's so well camouflaged.
User avatar #805 to #803 - IncarceratedNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
no way?
#806 to #805 - TheHutchie (12/30/2010) [-]
Why don't you go ahead and prove me wrong?
User avatar #807 to #806 - IncarceratedNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
have you seen him camouflaged?
User avatar #809 to #807 - TheHutchie (12/30/2010) [-]
Ok, see what you're doing is proving me right. Nobody has seen him camouflaged, so the situation cannot be proven either way.
User avatar #813 to #809 - IncarceratedNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
hm so ur saying that you have no proof whatsoever that he is camouflaged in every mission but i do, you see no one has seem him so that proves me right and you wrong.
User avatar #816 to #813 - TheHutchie (12/30/2010) [-]
Not really. It simply means sense lies on your side. But proof is evidence, and you can't supply evidence that he's not there because I could just say, "Well he is there, you just can't see him."

Obviously he isn't really there, but you can't prove that he isn't, so we're even on the proof scale.

U mad?
User avatar #817 to #816 - IncarceratedNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
i was mad when i found out reznov died at vurkuta
User avatar #818 to #817 - TheHutchie (12/30/2010) [-]
I worked out the whole storyline about three missions before the end.

Too predictable, poor work Treyarch or whoever's responsible for plotline.
User avatar #832 to #818 - IncarceratedNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
i kept skipping the cinematics lol
#468 - oprahsays (12/30/2010) [-]
silly silly you, you forgot 4chan again.
silly silly you, you forgot 4chan again.
#476 to #468 - maxuaboy (12/30/2010) [-]
Awesome comment and gif!
Awesome comment and gif!
#164 - majortom (12/30/2010) [-]
spot #1
#746 - SilentRaver (12/30/2010) [-]
Also to those of you wondering, Ramree Island is indeed the location of Chuck Norris' vacation home, contrary to popular belief it isn't the Ilha de Queimada Grande, that's just where he goes to masturbate in privacy.
And no, you stupid bastards, he doesn't use the Yungas Road as a bike trail. Bikes are for queers. In fact, Chuck Norris taking his personal Flatbed Semi-Truck for a quiet ride on the Yungas Road was the primary source of inspiration for Chris Morgan and Justin Lin, the writer and director of The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift.
#778 to #746 - HaydenPierce **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#784 to #746 - cashforclunkers (12/30/2010) [-]
jesus may have walked on water, but mr. norris swims through land.
#9 - TehGuezt (12/29/2010) [-]
I'm sure there gonna be alot of comments involving #2 and Call of Duty 4
#698 - John Cena (12/30/2010) [-]
Its the place of COD4
#380 - sprks (12/30/2010) [-]
I just realized that number 2 is the setting of that mission in COD 4 with the sniper dude :S
#395 to #380 - John Cena (12/30/2010) [-]
Yes! :D <3
User avatar #172 - fuckthepolice (12/30/2010) [-]
Who thought of Call of Duty 4 after looking at picture 2?
User avatar #182 to #172 - gamerkill (12/30/2010) [-]
i was thinking CoD 2 but i guess your right
User avatar #179 to #172 - bryankuhn (12/30/2010) [-]
i did after 4
#351 to #172 - John Cena (12/30/2010) [-]
When I saw that, I thought of the disaster that killed 56 people instantly, and killed a thousand more, slowly, and painfully over the following years. Not some game.
User avatar #508 to #351 - fuckthepolice (12/30/2010) [-]
really? I thought of the game...
User avatar #390 to #351 - Odobisean (12/30/2010) [-]
No one died from the blast everyone was escorted out safely disease killled them
#572 to #390 - Jexus **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#167 - PourGnawgraphy (12/30/2010) [-]
For the Call of Duty comments...
User avatar #701 to #167 - ADTRNinja (12/30/2010) [-]
Got any extra?
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