whos that pokemon. lol might be repost! at least its not OC. whn' 5 that pokemon eiji. ii' ii EEVEES EEVEES EEGEE EEVEES EDEE-.. yes, yes it does. whos that pokemo
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#2 - MariJaneTokes (12/22/2010) [-]
wtf is OC.

also i dig this,
i laughed
#5 to #2 - anon (12/22/2010) [-]
OC stands for original content i.e. something the person made, not from elsewhere o the internet.
User avatar #4 - piperiscute [OP](12/22/2010) [-]
yes, yes it does.
User avatar #3 - PenguinsOfMars (12/22/2010) [-]
Does that seriously say: "at least it's not OC"?
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