Justin Beiber. Am I the only one asking this question?. seriously, thumbs up if you wanna shoot this faggot Who the is this kid'?. i really hope this doesnt last as long as twilight justin Beiber who the fuck is he
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User avatar #551 - cougarmelon (01/03/2010) [-]
i really hope this doesnt last as long as twilight
#50 - anon (01/02/2010) [-]
I never knew about this kid until I seen these pics on this site, and on Facebook when my friends were joining groups like "OMG I LOVEEE JUSTIN BIEBER!!" or "Justin Bieber is a faggot." so personally, I think funnyjunk is promoting Justin Bieber and actually exposing him more to people, if you hate him so much, just try to ignore him, jeez.
#736 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
i am sorry no offense to any of his fans but the first time I heard his song "one time" I thought it was a girl singing. people say he is 15 (at least that is what I heard) sounds like he hasn't gone through puberty.
lol captcha mafia....
User avatar #742 to #736 - blackmist (01/03/2010) [-]
hes acually a 14 year old pussy that even pedo bear is afraid of
#750 to #742 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
pedo bear isnt afraid of anybody, except the fbi.
#759 to #750 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
First laugh on FJ in ages.
#295 - Jnunya (01/03/2010) [-]
This is getting old and its not funny
#298 to #295 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
Just like Twilight...
I do agree with you on this one. None of this is or ever will be funny. It's all taking over FJ and scaring people off or quite possibly just pissing them off. To all of you who post this stuff...Funnyjunk...There's a reason it's called that. Not Lamejunk. Honestly, no one cares about Justin Beiber or Robert Pattinson, there are fansites for that. Go bitch at them. What is the meaning of "funny" if half of the pictures posted on her nowadays is nothing more than "thumbs up" or "thumbs down"? Half of this junk isn't even funny...maybe to a twelve year old boy, but some people who come here actually are older.
User avatar #320 to #298 - JamieHyneman (01/03/2010) [-]
thank you!
now top that rant off with some dynamite cord and PERFECT!
and finally to detonate it in
god dammit Adam you didn't set up the charge did you?
#293 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
He's a little fag that made a song called One Time and then broke his foot on stage because he's a failure!
#301 to #293 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
you know this, YOU FAIL
#462 to #301 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
You're calling someone a failure for criticizing someone while being informed. YOU FAIL
#781 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
he is my son... i **** him out one night after a curry
#791 to #781 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
that must have been some baaaad curry
User avatar #566 - CaptainAwesome (01/03/2010) [-]
Lois, Lois, Lois, Lois, Lois,
Mom, Mom, Mom,
Mommy, mommy, mommy,
mama, mama, mama,
ma, ma, ma, ma,
mum, mum, mum, mum
mommy, mommy, mama, mama, mama -
Hi! hehehehahhahahaha (runs away)
#458 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
I'm just gonna let South Park do all the shooting.
#455 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
hes the next fag next to jones brothers
#465 to #455 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
and twilight
#472 to #465 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
no... not one single person in the universe is less talented or more faggy than the jonas brothers.
User avatar #156 - HateMachine (01/03/2010) [-]
The kid sounds like a girl, and looks like a girl. I don't understand whats so great about him. To me hes just another retarded kid that became famous because someone said he had "talent" which apparently that word means nothing anymore.
#171 to #156 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
Because all those ugly, fat 14 year old girls find some sort of delusional sexual pull whenever they see Justin Bieber sing "you're the one I want" or some **** like that.
Also, he has a high voice, so he's just ****** when he hits puberty.
User avatar #706 - KyouFujibayashi (01/03/2010) [-]
Not that I really care, but why do people hate on him so much.
#487 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
i seriously have no clue who this kid is. lol
#928 to #487 - SuperKitty (01/26/2010) [-]
where the **** have you been ? you don't need to be a fan to know who he is :P
#493 to #487 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
Same here
User avatar #511 to #493 - Thricedead (01/03/2010) [-]
me too
#521 to #511 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
he is a gay fag who sings gay songs
#624 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
****** nasty pervs lol...he's like 10 and ur talkin about butt ****** him??? sick!!!
#629 to #624 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
**** you your just jelous because people wanna get on that dick
#631 to #629 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
what dick???
#635 to #631 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
#632 to #629 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
#622 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
i think it should say...
Lock up your sons, the homosexual is singing in your town!
#639 to #622 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
i am scared of this "thing"becoming the next.....................MICHAEL JACKSON!!!
#338 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
this has gotten 1630 thumbs up... oh funnyjunk why have u forsaken me...
User avatar #329 - GrantImahara (01/03/2010) [-]
Coming up next on Mythbusters: Does throwing a teen off a building make other teens sad? Let's find out. Tory?
#355 to #329 - funnyjunkislol (01/03/2010) [-]
Well lets see,I found a tall building made from cement,We will grab him,throw him down,and see what happends.First lets test the damage on buster.If its too weak we will find a taller building to whip this kid off of.
#359 to #355 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
#559 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
#580 to #559 - jasperfan (01/03/2010) [-]
Marry me. no srlsy. marry me
User avatar #574 to #559 - CaptainAwesome (01/03/2010) [-]
i ******* LOVE YOU!
even if you meant to do that, or didn't, I love you for it.
#798 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
He looks like Harry Potter. He has a wand in his hand xD
#811 to #798 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
i believe you just insulted harry potter.
shame on you.
User avatar #501 - DeathSlayer (01/03/2010) [-]
You know he wears lip gloss what a fag
#508 to #501 - anon (01/03/2010) [-]
lol and u checked him out by that...lol what a fag..not him but YOU..
User avatar #505 to #501 - ThatCoolGuy (01/03/2010) [-]
**** ! Really?
User avatar #193 - hellpickle (01/03/2010) [-]
Seriously, thumbs up is meant for funny stuff.

I bet my ass you wouldn't get **** ,if instead of writing 'thumbs up', you would just write 'this is funny, right?'.

Then even the dumbest audience would understand that ****** not funny.

'Thumbs up, if agree'; 'Thumbs up, if you want' << no, you pointless, pathetic waste of space, the understatement for thumbs up will always be 'thumbs up, if this is funny'
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