4chan Story Time!. Gather round, you may need to enlarge it.. parta Anonymoused/ 18. ( Sat) 23: ( So there I was, standing en the sidewalk minding my ewn busine fourchan story Time
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4chan Story Time!

4chan Story Time!. Gather round, you may need to enlarge it.. parta Anonymoused/ 18. ( Sat) 23: ( So there I was, standing en the sidewalk minding my ewn busine

Gather round, you may need to enlarge it.

parta Anonymoused/ 18. ( Sat) 23: (
So there I was, standing en the sidewalk minding my ewn business, when friend, let' s call him Assface, walked upto me and invited mete his house, I was hesitant in taking up his offer, considering the last time i
went to Assface' s house he sodomized me with , and I didn' t So I said to Assface, "Fuck your shit you punk ass niggerfag!", and I kicked that motherfucker in his
scrotum, which, ofcourse, housed his testes. With my good deed forthe day finished, I equated down and started upthe rockets in my ass. I blasted off high inte the sky, being propelled by my
combustion engine, and I fhew all the waite motherfucking France. So I was walking around France looking at all the gay French faggets with all French bread and I was like, "I want seme god damn
Koolkiid.", SC) I ran to the nearest farm and slid my head up a horse' s ass, let' s call the horse Drew, and Drew' s dick immediately stiffened to full length and ejaculated all evanthe face ma seven years old girl.
I Anonymous 131 8/ 1 (1( Sat) 23: 03: 28
This little girl started screaming so I took my head em of Drew' s ass and choked her death with my penis. I teek the limp body and sleeped out the eyes with a rack then fucked each socket, when I was
done I chopped her tiny, adorable body up and sealed it in a box, I mailed it to the Prime Minister of the UAK. When I was done with all of my shenanigans and went back home to spend the rest
of my day relaxing, but when I got back home I was like, "Holy fucking shit biscuits, cunt shitting anal cheese drip! I ferget to get some fucking Kt) "; I had forgetten the very thing I had set out to find.
So I put my troubled past behind me and decided it was finally time to become a man, just like my grandfather and grandmother befire. So I opening the door, shat on the floor, and orally pleasured a
dinosaur, then went to the magical land of Kansas to fuck shit up. I arrived in Kansas via bus, because I ride the mother fucking bus and mp to all the little girls under my trenchcoat, there ain' t a god damn
thing the law can do to me.
CI Anonymous 131 8/ 1 ()(Sat)
And upon my arrival I was jumped by several of my feller klansmen, because the thought I was a nigger. I had to explain to them that I was merely covered in shit, and after that silly misunderstanding was cleared up we all strolled down the street to my
year old aunt' s house. She welcomed us all with a big smile and a warm plate of cookies, then we tied her limbs tegether and gangraped her dry, wrinkly, saggy, old ass. Then we hanged her on her own dangly tits fer being a nigger lever and
burnt down the house. and then I decided to m fer a swim. So I skipped down to the local peel and entered the water. It immediately turned red and Satan emerged from the shallow end and proclaimed his dominion over mankind, so I kicked the nigger in
his fucking teeth and fucked his ass with his own horns; I showed that fagget net to fuck with me. Then I wrenched open his mouth and went inside to the Seven Eleven, and I was like, "Where is my god damn Koolkiid you cock sucking ass (?",
but no one was there.
CI Anonymous 131 8/ 1 ()
So I exited Satan' s mouth, picked up Kansas, and threw it inte the fucking sun. Fucking gay ass shit. Then, after this Iing day, I teek a train down to Florida fer a little ESE. The train ride was Lively- I ordered a meal en the ride consisting ofa 8 ea. rare
steak, a baked potato, and tall glass mrchampagne- The waitress was very nice and I tipped her twenty dallars fer her excellent services. After cathing up with the latest issue ' Tme I decided to take a nap until I reached my destination. Upon arriving at
the train station I was awakened to the smell of a rich peach cobbler. Needless to say I was excited at the prospect of such a delicious desert. So I ripped the train deer eff of it' s fucking hedges, jumped out and devoured every celcious human in visible
range- It was all quite filling. And I spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sun and playing beach volleyball- After a week of vacation I headed en heme- When I entered my deer I saw my wife screwing my neighbor and his dog and I was like, "You
dickfucking bitchload wheree", and I shoved a can m gasoline up her ass and ignited it. They all exploded and my neighbor' s cock hit me in the face. Then I was like, "God fucking damn all this stupid shit why can' t I get any mother fucking ",
so I went to my fridge, pulled out a certainer of Koolkiid, and poured myselfe glass. I lifted it carefully and tenderly to my moistened lips. I opened up wide and chugged that glass, but something was eff. I was like "Fucking retard fuckers it' s
lime Shit licking faggets I hate Aime[", so I threw the glass out the window and it shattered against the head of my neighbors son, killing him. Then I pulled out the other container and had some cherry Koolkiid. Life was good.
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