Animal Myth 4. Im uploading a lot these good ones because ill be gone for like 5 days after thursday.<br /> /funny_pictures/1370878/Delaware+Myths/<br  myths whomadewho
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Animal Myth 4

Animal Myths 4
Hare dryer
A man walked into his garden one day to find his dog with a piece of
dirty fur in its mouth. The dirty piece of fur was actually a prize
rabbit belonging to the neighbour. It was dead, although no obvious
injury could be seen. The man took the rabbit inside, shampooed
and blow dried it, then quickly muck next door to put it back in the
hutch before the neighbour got home. A few days went by and he
heard nothing. Then on the weekend he was talking over the fence
to his neighbour, who he said that a strange thing had happened to
him that week. When he came home from work one night he found
his prize rabbit dead in its hutch, but the odd thing was that it died
a couple days earlier.
I t . Strays.
com website purports to offer cash for unwanted pets to
be resold to companies engaged in animal experimentation.
Wham What?)
It is said to eat human flesh and attack without provocation. They
are considered such a serious threat to the national welfare that
officials have proposed banning the miscalled "vicious predators"
entirely from American shores.
The saga of Chandon
Gorlami of India, the boy who urinated live, winged beetles.
Richard Gere
Several years ago, "they" say, Richard Gere into the
emergency room of a Los Angeles hospital with a foreign object
lodged in his rectum: a gerbil.
There have been numerous reports of people dropping deadly
vipers into ball pits in fast food restaurant playgrounds everywhere.
Bonsai kittens
A website shows instructions on how to grow a kitten in a jar, so as
to mold the bones of the kitten into the shape of the jar as the cat
grew. It was made by a university student going by the alias of Dr.
Michael Wong Chang.
This is so bad i' m not even going to put the site up...
poor kitties.)
All found on wwy. . com
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