Nice guys tell it how it is Part 1. Part 2:<br /> /funny_pictures/1355830/Nice+Guys+Tell+It+How+It+Is+Part+2/. Daniela Dear ladies, We aren' t that hard t facebook nice guys win
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Nice guys tell it how it is Part 1

Dear ladies,
We aren' t that hard to find, were in the friend zone, right were you left
43 ago Uphue Ccomment
El You, Keri Damm and Erik Trick like this,
nice guys.
13 minutes ago ' Like
aw Well sometime' s nice guy' s need to make the first move
before the girl gets bored.
41 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile I Like
with them,
Danie_ a girl that really wants a nice guy would never get bored
38 minutes ago ' Like
I 1. 2:] _ i agree with the first part, but a girl can easilly get
f. l bored with a push -over nice guy. sometimes a nice guy needs to show
that bad streak to mix whoa up
35 initiates age I Like
if the nice guy is exciting and starts to get boring the
girls lose interest. and if you don' t make a move the girl' s think you don' t
like them,
34 minutes ago '.':a Facebook Mobile . Like
misplaced you.
32 minutes ago I Unlike I , 2 people
Nam: . Dannehj of course only the girls would argue with something so
logically simpled if you can' t have things your way you get all pissy and
refute all logic being presented to you, either get a nice guy or shut the
hell up seriously.
minutes ago ' Like
John. -bandeed, I have to say for far to long have we been
pushed aside, because we do show we care for you, we do make
moves, we just do not do the normal douchebag moves. We do
things that they would never do, Things I guess you are all to blind
to even spare a passing glance as a 'move'
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