Hypocrite. This man is a hypocrite. Fil Bet yen have any idea how offensive that is? I an (little lla itor. This man... is Borat ... now thats racist :3 hypocrite lol funny
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#5 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
why would the jew be a nazi?
#21 to #5 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
its a natzi nazi.
#27 to #21 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
jews can be a race and a religion.
#14 to #5 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
alot of people in germany, who were jewish, pretended to not be so, and actively helped the nazis, so they wouldnt be killed, pretty sure that should sum it up :D

no one cares about nazis, or devils
but people still rage about muhammed, i dont understand it, but its not my religion

lastly LOL captcha: "negro"
after my anti racism yelling here..
#55 to #14 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
`i dont think that is very acurate, because the nazi's pulled the pants down of any even remotely suspected jew `(male) and checked if he was circumsized. No male jew could hide from the nazi's, and what can women do anyways. SO your lil fake jew nazi scheeme is `wrong
#17 to #14 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
ehh, i think nazis nor jews nor muslim is considered a race.
#10 to #5 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
#99 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
why would a jewish person be wearing swastickas?
#100 to #99 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
coz hes in diguise
User avatar #105 - coonday (01/01/2010) [-]
This man... is Borat
... now thats racist :3
#72 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
The Swastika is backwards.
#77 to #72 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
It's prbably like that so the guy who made the picture wasn't being offensive
#78 to #77 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
Actually, it means luck, trust me. One of my friends is obsessed with stuff like that.

Captcha: Stern.
User avatar #76 to #72 - guitarbass (01/01/2010) [-]
User avatar #81 to #72 - Joshic (01/01/2010) [-]
it only means peace if its got the dots aswell
#102 to #72 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
it's a jew... he wouldnt acctually wear the proper nazi type swastika
#34 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
why would a jew be a nazi?
#39 to #34 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
that part confused me too.
#57 - Faeldrake (01/01/2010) [-]
Totally my problem. I say Muhammed or tell a Islamic joke and everyone hates me. I tell a Jew joke and 9 of 10 people ignore me. Yep, life in Germany is grand.
#158 to #57 - anon (01/01/2014) [-]
#61 to #57 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
i say dats bcoz an insult to a groups leader or prophet is more offensive den makin fun of an actual group member it would be taken seriously if the picture was not a jew but moses
User avatar #67 - Aiwatcher (01/01/2010) [-]
Anon helped me see it, but that isnt a swastika. Its pointing the wrong way. Its actually an indian peace symbol.
User avatar #73 to #67 - timsimon (01/01/2010) [-]
They're both Swastika's, one simply means gaining power, and the other means losing.
#74 to #67 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
Actually it is still a swastika, but before Hitler adopted it the swastica was a peaceful symbol. Some people interpret the different directions meaning different things, but originally the direction was interchangable.
#4 - anon (12/31/2009) [-]
the swastikas are wackbards
#16 to #4 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
maybe they didnt want to be so close so that someone would get on and start bitching.
#1 - anon (12/31/2009) [-]
Sad but true...
#3 to #1 - anon (12/31/2009) [-]
thank you or agreeing with me.. METALLICA!!!!!! does absolutely rule total ass. thank you and have a nice day.
#9 to #3 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
"rule ass?" That makes no sense... like saying IM GONNA RULE YOU IN THE BAWLS
#6 to #3 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
As cool as Metallica is... you're retarded.
#52 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
nazi jew? I see what you did.
#46 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
btw nazi jews? wouldent they be suicidal?
#49 to #46 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
***pisssst incoming secret*****
Hitler was part Jewish. Not by religion, obviously, but by heritage.
User avatar #131 - vampireragdoll (01/01/2010) [-]
What's with the Jew wearing the Swatstika?
#138 to #131 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
blond dudes shirt is a flag, not a swaztika, i think its norway
#140 to #138 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
i sure as hell have never heard of jews wearing swaztikas seeing as swaztikas were the symbol of nazi germany - of which was lead by hitler - who.. insidentally, killed jews.. damn.. i feel even more retarded that i was before just by reading that.
#143 to #131 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
the middle eastern guy is making fun of the jews because he is clearly racist.
#147 to #143 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
... no ****
#150 to #147 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
to #135 that pictures offending to muslims because we dont know how prophet muhammed looked like so we cant draw a picture of him. like to some its offending to try to draw a picture of god.
#132 to #131 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
Thats not a swastika you ******** .
#133 to #132 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
Uh, on the poster it is. One the blond guys shirt, it's not.
#135 to #132 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
that is the swastika. This picture makes no sense though. The typical jew wears a swatika. I know Hitler was a jew but still. And what about Muhamed.
#137 to #131 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
a backwards one at that
#90 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
Islam is the most ass-backward intolerant religion on earth. seriously, its pretty much like Scientology in terms of validity.
#91 to #90 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
How true. How true. Yet, the rest of us must remain passive and tolereant of their evil ways.
User avatar #92 to #91 - KingMan ONLINE (01/01/2010) [-]
Don't you just wanna say " **** tolerance lets kick their ass" sometimes?
#93 to #92 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
You realize it's exactly like Christianity but changing the name of Jesus to Muhammad right? And the name of God to Allah (which means God in Arabic). I'm an Atheist and once you realize why you reject other religions, you will understand why I reject yours.
#96 to #93 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
and please good sir, explain to me why you view Christianity and Islam as the same religion, and yes I am Christian but I am not going to start to get mad cause where does that always lead, CLASH OF THE BELIEFS
#95 to #93 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
I've spent the better part of the last year taking college courses tracing the origins of world religions. To say that Christianity and Islam share a common background is correct, but they are extremely far away from being the same religion. I would go into detail, but they only give 750 characters to type my comment. My final paper for my last class was about 15,000 words long.
#97 to #95 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
This is funnyjunk, not an essay contest. We don't want to read 750 characters anyway
#98 to #95 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
I agree, they have major differences as well as some similarities. However, I state that most, if not all, religions of the world are unwise to follow, especially blindly.

All share a common trend, which is a strict adherence to certain traditions at the threat (note: threat) of punishment from a higher force if such traditions are not followed. Most also include a status of servant or slave to the higher force; Christianity and Islam are no exception to this.

Another trend is that there's a million different interpretations and everyone thinks everyone else's is wrong and will garner said punishment from said higher force.

There's only so much of that merry-go-round you can take before you say enough is enough.
#94 to #93 - Dardios (01/01/2010) [-]
You Sir....are a WINNER! Like, you are my hero right now, thank you for being well spoken.
#106 to #93 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
nice use of someone elses quote 93 im athiest too and the full quote is i contend we are all athiests i just believe in one less religion than you. When you see why you reject all other religions youll see why i reject yours.
#114 to #106 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
It's me #93!!! #106, I know but I was just trying to make it seem more natural in my speech. #96 They are the same religion because they both believe in 1 god, they both have the old testament, and they both claim that they are the only way to heaven. The only difference between them is that in Islam, Jesus was just a prophet (like the Jews believe) and that Muhammad was the last prophet and therefore more inportant. They have the same book but the second chapters (the New Testament and the Koran) are different. They both can trace their religions lineage back to Abraham, who was the founder of Judaism. They are just different sects of the same religion.

PS. There's your ******* essay #95.
#101 to #93 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
We reject other religions because we don't believe them to be true, but at least some religions don't have as many holes in it as what you believe in does.
User avatar #155 - DementedDoom (01/01/2010) [-]
The swastika is backwards... and doesn't belong on that picture... And I don't honestly believe that islamist hate jews, or christians. Just as christians shouldn't hate either religion, why? because ALL of the religions praise "Peace" "understanding" "Forgiveness" and "Love" Christianity is just a continuation on judiasm, and islam is just a continuation on christianity. There should not be hate, there should only be acceptance, and tolerance.

Its the radicals that lead to death, and hatred of another religion. Its the radicals that led to the crusades, and the spanish inquisition. Its the radicals that led to 9/11, and we should never hate somebody, just because of their beliefs. This wonderous land was founded on religious tolerance.
#157 to #155 - anon (01/07/2010) [-]
blah blah blah...LOOK!!! JEWS!!!!
User avatar #146 - cougarmelon (01/01/2010) [-]
does anyone remember the name of the of the danish guy that drew the picture everyone freaked out about?
#154 to #146 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
His whole family is hiding thanks to the asshole Muslims.
#121 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
umm jewish nazi???
#87 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
jew got me on dis one. jew really got me good.
#69 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
i'm from denmark, and i know Kurt Westergaard (the man who made the most famous muhammed drawing) personly, and he is a nice old man.
go denmark, and our freedom to say whatever the **** we want!

- sofie meng
#41 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
The Swastikas are backwards
#75 to #41 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
Grammar Nazi correction, its "The Swastika are backwards.".
#43 to #41 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
you know this how.... **** ITS A NAZI!
#84 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
haha my captcha was " ****** "
#134 to #84 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
I applaud your randomness.
#86 to #84 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
so were grandad's slaves
#89 to #84 - anon (01/01/2010) [-]
Captcha has to be 5 letters long... It must've been "Niger", the country. Either that or you are too high/drunk/wasted/spent to type.
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