RPG: Asking Someone Out. Credit goes to Dorkly<br /> www.dorkly.com/article/6834/irl-rpg-asking-someone-out. Friend Sou Secretly Have Feelings For appears Dorkly asking someone out fail yay
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RPG: Asking Someone Out

Friend Sou Secretly Have Feelings
For appears! Nhat Hill you do?
may quiet and match the
SW ‘mp new in MM mat
someething swims
She used "look Sll haly uncomfortable
while Still smiling . Nhat’ S your
our. and shut up.
If M Mr Wu haw 4 mush
um her,
She used "Sou‘ re a really nice SUB
and any syill mould be lucky to date
you!" Next?
lake the compliment and
mm an
If Eat and an
Mar wt.
She used "but I couldn' t ant to ruin
the Friendship .
We l in stride.
Hou are emotionally dead.
Continue From Friend zone?
If Bess
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