dude. wasn't me i found this. Four years age, when i was , I named that my tram window is very reflective m i was pretending to dive in slaw reation and sheet,


Four years age, when i was ,
I named that my tram window is very
reflective m i was pretending to dive
in slaw reation and sheet, dual style
Suddenly‘ a really hat girl walked past
and i was startled and fell aver. Embarrassed
waited tar a bit and then stead up,
As 1 shat: up i saw her ? v/ y shaming an
imaginary title from behind a can
We then ta do this tar
minutes until she did an extremely dramatic death.
She waasnt getting up an I went amide ta meet her
Chee I get to where she was there was nathing
but a piece at paper with a mobile number an it,
Today, we are getting married.
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Submitted: 12/09/2010
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#8 - OOOOOOOOOO (12/10/2010) [-]
And then you realize you were in a coma for the last 5 years.
Your family forgot about you, your wife committed suicide, and your daughter is in a foster home.
When you leave the hospital Your car is still in the parking lot the way you left it, your cat in the passenger seat waiting for you still after 5 years.
*BAM* you wake up again to realize you have no family and your name is Faggoth Mcgabboth And you live in the 1700's. You tell all the people of your dream and they think you are a witch and they throw you off a cliff and into an ocean.
You swim to an island that you name Internet and you spend the rest of your life they're. All alone, eating small shrimp.
User avatar #195 to #8 - girguy (12/11/2010) [-]
#94 to #8 - LolWutStylinOnU (12/10/2010) [-]
i lost it at "Faggoth Mcgabboth"
User avatar #27 to #8 - StrictClubBouncer (12/10/2010) [-]
this is why we need comment favoriting.
User avatar #132 to #27 - OOOOOOOOOO (12/10/2010) [-]
Is it realy that funny?
#98 - ArsonistBug (12/10/2010) [-]
About three months ago, I was alone shopping at a 24/7 grocery store around 3am. I grabbed a cart and began doing my shopping. Obviously I was the only patron at the store so I began to run and jump onto my cart and glide down the aisles at a rapid pace. Around the fourth or fifth aisle I flew through a blind corner and ended up running into a cute girl and her cart. I instantly turned red and apologized. She laughed and actually challenged me to a race! We spend the next hour racing down aisles, and I can happily say we have been dating for two months now.

Not really, cause I made the whole thing up.
#163 - xxxavier **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#35 - briancb (12/10/2010) [-]
Why can't my life be this average...
User avatar #70 - originalposter (12/10/2010) [-]
I wish I carried paper and pen everywhere...and looked into peoples houses when I walk by..
User avatar #1 - burningvinesdrumer (12/09/2010) [-]
now thats a good situation
#45 - funnylookingpichu **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#74 - VelvetQ (12/10/2010) [-]
Directed by Wes Anderson.
User avatar #146 - Duim (12/10/2010) [-]
well atleast one FJer has a girlfriend
*checks description*
#176 to #146 - brenton (12/10/2010) [-]
I do!
<---- pic to prove it
#46 - tntisback **User deleted account** (12/10/2010) [-]
Pics or it didn't happen
User avatar #47 to #46 - Rusureitsdead [OP](12/10/2010) [-]
wasnt me
#50 to #47 - tntisback **User deleted account** (12/10/2010) [-]
Okay then. Never mind.
Okay then. Never mind.
#12 - aznmalaysian (12/10/2010) [-]
awww :3
awww :3
#21 to #12 - hahalolowned (12/10/2010) [-]
#43 - JKerg **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#129 - Commenterz (12/10/2010) [-]
Comment Picture
#16 - iNom (12/10/2010) [-]
<--- My face when i red
#177 - monstar (12/10/2010) [-]
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#178 to #177 - monstar (12/10/2010) [-]
sorry i posted twice it shwaz an accident :(
#184 to #178 - ChAoTiCxMiNd (12/10/2010) [-]
Schfifty-five reference? +1 to both of em
#96 - InsanelyMatt (12/10/2010) [-]
are you sure
are you sure
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