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when in doubt

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apr a -near.
Ch fucked up bad... Anonymous / 09( Tue)
soup /Mathis is a serious thread for I have a very serious. serious problem.
So today was my one year with my beautiful girlfriend. It' s so easy to get along with her and we' virtually never
had alight It' s interesting, because this year seemed to have flown by so fast. Anyway... tothe point
We had both been having pretty fuckin' stressful weeks, so I decided to surprise hurwitz an amazing dinner (we
originally were going to celebrate it over the weekend since we were so busy). I took work to make the
fuckin' thing too- It basically took me about 5 hours to make the time cooking really too- I set up the
table all nice as well: candles. . wine, cheese, etc. All is going to be amazing.
She finally comes home at around 5: FST) and sees that I cooked dinner! She was surprised. but also said she wasn' t feeling very well. She forced a
smile, and sat down to eat as I placed all ofthe food on the table.
This is where it gets bad, wowreally fucking bad.
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Cl Anonymous 12/ ( Tue) 16:
Anyway as we sit down, she kind of makes a weird face- I ask what is says she feels extremely wants to eat first anyway. So right
as she takes a bite of the ( pauses. I ask her whats wrong again, but all of the sudden she THROWS THE FUCK UP EVERYWHERE. All over
my fucking god damn face, my food, and my new fucking clothes Ijust bought two days ago. A sudden hash of rage overcame me and I her
across the face- Three things happened at this Poirot,
IO Immediate regret
A) Blood squirt out offer nose
l) She faded
Immediate shock hit her face- She started bawling like mad and ran to our room. I sat there for about 10 minutes thinking about how much I fucked things
up. After another 5 minutes, I smelled shit. I got up and investigated her area_ and found that not only did she fart, but she fucking shit all over the chair.
What the fuck do I do ml? She' s locked in our room and she' s sobbing uncontrollably- I have never felt this awkward/ embarrassed/ shameful in my life.
protip: don' t hit your girlfriend you stupid fuck. go apologise to her and make sure she' s alright.
I Anonymous '/ 09( Tue) : 30
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