Facebook Wins and Fails Part 5. /funny_pictures/1319453/THIS+IS+SPARTAAAAA/<br /> /funny_pictures/1319503/Why+we+are+on+the+toilet/. Gollum sew Precious t Facebook Wins and Fails Part 5 /funny_pictures/1319453/THIS+IS+SPARTAAAAA/<br /> /funny_pictures/1319503/Why+we+are+on+the+toilet/ Gollum sew Precious t
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Facebook Wins and Fails Part 5

Gollum sew Precious tohught
y cemment We
Smeagol Wes we t ' twee
yesterday at 2 my
Gollem on year yeal We dislke' s dd we the we
But the Great
yesterday at 2 -
was bad pends TI t Mmakes many an
the the we hennessy Always decerno and Mnkl Berry
yesterday as _
Gollum yes, yes Teckst we hobbeses
57 muses age
Sam hss examin we was tam
3 we
node My bad
2 m, yr. ytes ago
Andrew theses regaining yr you know were mama in we on the Sauna Death Star
Home new to see that the seeds ere hand seem. The Empire only wanted eh awe wary defense
or Mr great galaxy, but the needs New t my and mad new heaps and chian the Rebels
to use sewers er a supposed _ er people wan‘! .
cemment the
rd Barney was ths
but Votive boong my simpathy WV places
s Trites an "uke so 1 person
lamebook LON!
Myes um um me e mete ocher heme sex when her new [ ham them to he
Brady wen, obviously we have a monster up in
Hogwarts slitherin h yo school, snatchin' yo students up,
tryin' to awry em' so yaw teachers need so hide ya' cats, hide ya
and h ya g gels ‘cause s ' errbody up in
a Saturday es s . m* Prd for Comment Lre
Ashley We got cha Journey and yo
clues you are in dumb, van are my real
Saturday es 2 Adam Lre
Ashley u 2: [was attacked by some
under Hogwarts weds wobble)
Saturday es 9 Lre
Randy there 5 methane rm constrain, but not . t
doesnt seem that herd to In both ems dont gave e crap.
a DUI s are cemment We
Dalton I I oh where would y be f were was he gamma”
minutesago Comment We
Mark II I I sik, tr/ googleit
Asa) If Carmen Sandiego and Waldo had a kid,
he one were overfond yr
e m rm, Comment use
Josh r Mme to / s eyes.
rlyy( & cemment We
Allen , he rs , Josh? s whom we ‘mu
l suckng a may he he any sh backheel Using baddy' s ass Call me
AMEN youre done, and e can go esters togehter
the A meme
that M: I like to lick we boys balls and I dont know how so stan out
of my rs when I leave the Apple store‘
s hours ma Comment Lre
rd 2 people .
we APPLE STORE man how, you ARE IN A my or
5 hours use Mk:
Mick M You know who y em Thereare dozens er
computers ICI here, New would the people here seer. know winch
one y em an. Dan‘! get sensed because your Humbug
doesnt know how to use off Faceebook. on look es that. Amer ssh
rs mew iterested ICI men and ha are forming
3 hour; we Mk:
Paul use you swear SHIT new y WILL ow: up
or wmm y AM GOING TO mu so am yr WILL MAKE
YOUR NEH? SPIN, how error: my SONS
s hours we Lre A y person
Nick M There rs he my y em slaying ths store ‘DRE
enough for we tty get here and hem looking at your Drum: we
yank Mk: e hull: mun. y am hes surpised that veer sen rs such e
retard. my y shan' t know your sais delious views were ‘an my
knees (D please"
5 hours no Lre
my he y AM on how WITH we APPLE How AND my win
HAS CALLED we mutt you wmin new AND HIDE! y WILL we
THERE sonny ll
s hours we Mk:
Mick M yeah, that sounds coal my whys y am germs head
back mu: the men amongst the thousands of other shoppers
Good me. wyy War bon congrats my coming out er
the closet Thumbs courage Dan' y sense mess
message to all he messes aleman thera of he we sexed
H Adam Fun fact: Hostess Zebra Cakes.. Not made with real
es r em Vla for whom: Comment mu
rd I people we ms
Jane lla
Wednesday es 7 Slum Lynn:
on Chris y on vim were really bummed when Wu found
out about who Dongs.
Wednesday es 7 why we
Dean when my was s maner spending 3 months at
the bottom ems sheen
long my we Jokes to name out
utes ' T We
Dean Then slowly mam her hey we we can
I? inutes an the en aperson
Danny as fagapple 5 "made from the best stuffin earth",
then why Isnt there any veggie around IO my raspberry med new
2 Wednesday er s ' (mummy! We
Dre Puma serene Announcement: 5 now my Thy:
means lots . 1 ofthose new he ah legally purchase cigarrettes.
Another, he can legally watch pornography. He ah also go tn the sum dens.
but Wm (mugs he CANT do are delete ths status er have sex wth ms underaged
That 5 all.
sneer a Tonite an We share ,
Dart Wavy Today, an (anonymous)
had he speak he two 15 year old ems and one 15 year old guy fur harry a
treesome we school MES‘ Nebulously,
yesterday at my my cemment We
Alert r I can w shaky hope we hear congratulate
Daniel I Apparently women have been posting mes We " e char
er "In e cab" and men ere supposed to Em do wth sex when t 5
In actual foam m wth nurses. In the unequally I propose e mans
ewe Every may deserunt how you We your horrorish, and wwomen get
the wrong mes, 50 be t. I personally We twhen there' s e lot and the
my dyes were the ...
2 Toutes any ea 13 We Iamnebula cum
Daniel we Have an interview to become a package delivery boy
for UPS coming up. My Wes about to take one step closer to becoming is
Comment he
James. 7 Yuu‘ r: benumb.
Daniel Cum new See [' tvg
package" to when you We.
2 hams ago Lyle:
sawfly Story 3, mug I med rm We 2 hours afterward)
shawl an my an A Unike
sh Radar Wes (ms
an We
Solid ? x Someone hacked my account)
sum h hear we We
mend Mantis y)
new an yrs. an We
Sold Snake H/ HELP NO we we FACBOOK we earn: PUT my
about ah he _ age we
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