Baww comp. A lot baww pictures that haven't been seen that much.<br /> <br /> Edit: Wow guys thanks for the front page!<br /> <br /> Edi
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Baww comp

A lot baww pictures that haven't been seen that much.<br />
<br />
Edit: Wow guys thanks for the front page!<br />...more »

A lot baww pictures that haven't been seen that much.<br />
<br />
Edit: Wow guys thanks for the front page!<br />
<br />
Edit2: Wow! I skipped 10 and now I'm a level 11!<br />
<br />
Thanks so much!

Tags: baww | sad | comp
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Submitted: 12/06/2010
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#961 - tomorrowlied (04/19/2012) [-]
I was having one of those lonely, self pity days and spent the whole day in baww threads. I never seem any good with talking to people irl, so I went to chat with my Internet 'friends' in an attempt to kill the loneliness for a while. Nobody responded. You know you're pathetic when not even the Internet wants you anymore.
>feels bad man.
User avatar #956 - somechilldude (07/07/2011) [-]
heres a link to a sad story, its actually a wow rp story but dont read it all in one day like i did, i swear you'll be up all day and all night reading it.. its SOOO long! ---> [url deleted]
User avatar #958 to #956 - somechilldude (07/07/2011) [-]
WoW aka wow (World of Warcraft)
User avatar #957 to #956 - somechilldude (07/07/2011) [-]
wth it says url deleted?! ok here it is without the spaces: http://finniah.webs. com/oserianandryukka. htm
User avatar #951 - somechilldude (07/07/2011) [-]
the nintendo and dad beatings and car accident one made me almost cry, and im a ******* 20 year old guy, who usually doesnt cry, i can get my feelings hurt and i can be really sensitive, but i usually dont even cry then!
#935 - anonymous (12/08/2010) [-][DOT]com/watch?v=4-XW-fCoGE8
User avatar #887 - PedoHunter (12/07/2010) [-]
i bawwed at most of them
especially the one after the fosters home for imaginary friends one :(
SO so sad...
if i was that guy i wudve spent my whole day with her ;(
#885 - imtheringleader (12/07/2010) [-]
): 						*******					 made me cry
): ******* made me cry
#879 - emocupcake (12/07/2010) [-]
i need a hug right now :'(
#954 to #879 - somechilldude has deleted their comment [-]
#953 to #879 - somechilldude has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #959 to #952 - somechilldude (07/07/2011) [-]
cm'ere bro
User avatar #955 to #952 - somechilldude (07/07/2011) [-]
crap sorry accidently reposted my comment 2 times xD
#890 to #879 - Sarlouse (12/07/2010) [-]
Come'ere you!
#875 - HoratioC (12/07/2010) [-]
Cut this **** out... Don't get me wrong, if you're going through legitimate struggles like the death of someone close or a crippling disease, then grieve... grieve and eventually grow stronger from the experience. It's what makes you human.

But for all these adolescent douchebags who are bitching and complaining about being "forever alone" or never finding "true love", I can only prescribe an extra strength dosage of *************** Rx. Seriously, if you think your problems are worth 8 ounces of **** compared to real world issues, then you're nothing short of moronic.
#904 to #875 - anonymous (12/07/2010) [-]
User avatar #874 - cowchris (12/07/2010) [-]
heyyyyyyyy, why do you make us cry on FUNNYjunk? ): bawwwwww): ):
#873 - Fedgle has deleted their comment [-]
#870 - IsOoOfEiStY (12/07/2010) [-]
The one that moved me the most was the man in the wheelchair standing up for the Marines... You Sir Have a Heart... I salute you.
#881 to #870 - anonymous (12/07/2010) [-]
Not even the dog and the dead police officer?!?!
Or the rest of the post??!?!
#888 to #881 - IsOoOfEiStY (12/07/2010) [-]
Yes of course the entire post is very sad, especially the super nintendo one, but i only pointed out the one that was moving and really stood out to me.
User avatar #869 - WarComicPOP (12/07/2010) [-]
People look at me as the tall, big, emotionless guy around my school. I don't show anny kind of sadness because I pretty much lost all hope when the one girl I loved moved somewhere far away... This comp made me cry for the first time in 3 years...
User avatar #946 to #869 - Javapenguin (12/11/2010) [-]
you arent the only one man... i never had a gf, then this amazing girl came along, i asked her out, she was perfect, we liked all the same things, on her birthday i sent her a dozen roses, the next day she cheated on me...
User avatar #947 to #946 - WarComicPOP (12/12/2010) [-]
oh damn man im sorry to hear that.
#884 to #869 - pezzshnitsol **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#868 - Arturotheone (12/07/2010) [-]
So while I was reading this I started to miss my gf and she actually called me before I got the chance. We talked for a little while and then she wanted me to talk dirty to her over the phone. So I got pissed and broke up with her on the spot. And this is now the greatest day ever.
User avatar #867 - SkullKiidz (12/07/2010) [-]
Super Nintendo one made me cry ='/
#865 - JustLMAO **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#933 to #865 - KingTutt **User deleted account** (12/08/2010) [-]
Comment Picture
#934 to #933 - JustLMAO **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #863 - TehPwnzorz (12/07/2010) [-]
#862 - Linkawolf (12/07/2010) [-]
That guy in the wheel chair....he deserves a medal!
#939 to #862 - anonymous (12/08/2010) [-]
And you do the Cha-Cha like a sissy girl!
#861 - proudnoob (12/07/2010) [-]
<-- I haven't been this ****** up since I listened to this.
User avatar #931 to #861 - moiskule (12/08/2010) [-]
What's that?

(I honestly don't know)
#858 - Theslyfour (12/07/2010) [-]
great way to start this
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