Pwn My Life Part 2. Check out Part 1 as well: /funny_pictures/1298353/Pwn+My+Life+Part+1/. Iwas watching HBO with my girlfriend when she me and said "Why are yo pwn my Life Pokemon
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Pwn My Life Part 2

Iwas watching HBO with my girlfriend when she me and said "Why are you breathing so hardt' A
new preview fer Game otherones had come on. Iwas so I was out of breath.
When I was younger, I let my friend borrow my Nintendo 64 while I went on fjamily vacation. When I got home,
I found out his house had burned down. They lost everything; photo albums, all their possessions, everything.
Tragic as it was, the first thing I asked was when he would buy me a new 64 and Goldeneye. I realize now how
much of an asshole move this was, buil had lent him at least so games and only Goldeneye. That' s
I get pissed my Phone tries to autocorrecting names of my League of Legends characters.
Sometimes Hype them over and over in atest message so it' ll remember not to correct me.
And the "Wow. What' s Wrong with your Fam ily?" Award goes to:
I once walked in on my parents in a real fistfight. I feared months of counseling and my dad entail for domestic
violence after a painful divorce. Midflight they saw my expression and my mother came to kneel beside me.
She said, "There' s nothing to be worried about honey. There is a reason we are having a little tiff.“ Then she
turned to my father and screamed "Be cause your BASTARD if A FATH ER BEAT MY LEVEL 87 BLASTOISE
WITH A FUCKING LEVEL TO ." and she stormed out ofthe room.
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