Pwn My Life Part 1. Funny "Pwn My Life" Stories.<br /> Check out Part 2 as well: /funny_pictures/1298358/Pwn+My+Life+Par pwn my Life Hooters

Pwn My Life Part 1

Pwn My Life Part 1. Funny "Pwn My Life" Stories.<br /> Check out Part 2 as well: /funny_pictures/1298358/Pwn+My+Life+Par

Funny &amp;amp;quot;Pwn My Life&amp;amp;quot; Stories.<br />
Check out Part 2 as well: /funny_pictures/1298358/Pwn+My+Life+Part+2/

The other day I was walking down the stairs with my laptop when Ifall and
dropped it. I started crying because I thought I broke it. After putting the battery
back in, I it was tine, had sprained my feet and was
When Iwas in grade school, my friends and I would play 'Final Fantasy' at
recess every day. Picture the scene: four little girls, standing in a line en the
pavement in the school parking lot, taking turns stepping forward and shouting
Fire fill" at nothing andthen returning to the line to wait fer an invisible bar to
When I was a sophomore in high school, my mem took away my laptop every
night because she thought I was staying up late to watch porn. In reality, Iwas up every night playing
At the midnight release of Black tips, the Gamestops at had the local Haeters girls cemo in forthe
event. While waiting in line for aboutit minutes, ene ofthem was flirting with me and asked ifl would like to
go to a party afterward with her andthe other girls. I told her I couldn' t because I didn' t want my friends leveling
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