McGriddles. Reposted OC from 6 months ago...<br /> Thanks for retrieving our pre time warp stuff admin!. How to make a Homemade Mcgriddle 1 cup Hour 1 i.  McGriddles Reposted OC from 6 months ago <br /> Thanks for retrieving our pre time warp stuff admin! How to make a Homemade Mcgriddle 1 cup Hour i
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McGriddles. Reposted OC from 6 months ago...<br /> Thanks for retrieving our pre time warp stuff admin!. How to make a Homemade Mcgriddle 1 cup Hour 1 i.

Reposted OC from 6 months ago...<br />
Thanks for retrieving our pre time warp stuff admin!

How to make a Homemade Mcgriddle
1 cup Hour
1 i. espeon sol.
cup sugar
V. rap vegetable oil
in rap whon milk
v. cup maple syrup
In pound ground sausage or been
3 eggs
3 or q slim Amommy churn
Fm: my
moi lead. get l' I I I
We' re not capable
oi cooking anything
that looks remotely we
His bitch better
have my Nuggets
Combine an first m... ing.. oli. n. s in a largo
howl. Stir.
incorporated and only slightly lumpy.
BI Crock 1 egg in to a bowl and add in the
teaspoon oi . odium pyroshy. pho... . odia. n
I: a sh.. . oi compound with many
Industrial mos Including leather , removing the
hair on oi o how and preserving the color
oi processed foods. " on. oi .h. main ingrediants of
rho McDonald: .
in your (unheard
5) nun a quick Googel Munch tor your nouns!
oi mu... I chemical .
6) my. Thorn’: a .upkli. r only a kw miles away
from your havein Sweet!
7) carol. your ski mask and main some up ha...
and maybe a moon. hole.
8) used your owl, and make sun the salary is oil.
9) Hop In the oar and make your watto the supplier.
And. by all of do nah. of mo road. No ..o. d to draw
lo) Rope old the, building for about! an hour.
in coon. the, nummer of guards on paling. look tor
weaknesses and . ls on. and
possibly slaw? How would you take . of thut?
in walk up to We guard oi an go... " him in
your an wok. down, your all phone i. . and you
were wondering it h. could call a tow truck. whon h.
turns to the phone, break his goddamn nook. my, do
you wan. a delicious homemade , or not?! You
do? Good. Kill that guard.
sood... good. Now. hid. the body armor his desk.
Mair. sure no pars of him is poking om so a pas...»
can III it.
15) whon the guard oi the, iron. door asks who. you».
doing .h. r., my "Mr Ill broke down and ther. was no
on. oi the go... I' m ins. looking ha ram. mp. -v whon ho
alias holy, pull your gun on him.
Isak. your way on to do impound.
a badass ultimatums hit the ground or val
In curl him with his own cull:
Tit) crook oh. two ..n. ahnung eggs on m his head to
humiliate him. when my ‘I with wags don’! look m...
up FOR your
19) ‘Ink. his keys am yourself for delivering a
most -mall: on pun.
Open iii. from door. Vou' in! vow. halfway m
ham.. nod. Mcg. islapu!
Search mu hall: for n door "r' recessing" This
22) [mar the room and march for a largo .
upon mo mag h. urn: -In alarm won. all! Quick.
search for a vial oi . odium ',
an out oi the, door and make your way to
your can
an shin The, Inn! How did may go. h... so Ian?
25) an mm. so moi. general . Don' t
harm mum; in! keep mam a. a dis. anoo.
2.) an in your oar and milk: a break For it.
27) Takes 1. 95, It’: ion» and then’: loss traffic at this
an whon min. is rim, reach your hand our and fire
upon the cop can that an quickly calming up.
an Congrats! no we [waved that when you shoot our
do mo of a rap an thot' s nay. g a. " MPH an on
and explode» (during an ad... can h. hind
it m inexplicably launch in m tho air
Bel Uh, oht our of . fin and "seduction come: tho
ogu./ renegade (op. m. guy when family was
Wind in a _ . atium pyroshy. phai. accident. He' ll in
damned ii he 1... a single drop oi the nail hit the mo...
and poison our society. Bur, oi course, hers - had a
lo. alone CVO! mad. one at hon... ho dumb
bastard would never understand.
whon ho slams his mi in In you... mm it with
adios. and keep your eye: chum oi you.
an v. 11 "Vnu' no... stop my Sanchez!” (His mama is
sum... and yrs. you know ma. hood of limo).
whon ho up ‘Damn ll, Bi Stop tho .naan... i-'
You should my "it appear: thot your brain is all...
Your norm is Bill).
my whoa Sanchez sideswipes your trunk and you do a
lac. fire your gun at him ilk. John . did in m.
Hard with a Vengeance in that on. no o when ho spins
his oar and shoots a. the bad guys hound him
35) Continue to day. you our at 90 MP ...
And while an with Sand"
an spin your our hook around and lulu .h. no». am.
Your homo and delicious an almost noon.
an slam your an through some kn... and damp.
seine whom pool pan . n a small mild is in iii.
direct posh oi your raw. grill, dorfs slow down. Quickly
ink We wheel while screaming "" Yul:
ion pound on sh. worry of running a kid so sum...
who lam. sh. breaks and stops only in. is away ham
ther child.
as) book in your mirror and laugh. Listen
carefully tor Sanchez as h. mind. by hi. 'or are
and yell: ‘I' ll GET YOU, ' r than Home hls list
on his not to INS, you my "Yeah, you' ll go. In: whon...
i (morally awesome greenland pun)!’
39) Scrunch in m your driveway and make a brake for
the door. Enter.
40) an so mo kitchen.
an Add I of . odium to the
egg. sch» with an :99 humor.
42) um. a lam. pan. Add a silo. oi blmr. Pour in
pancake banal» in so sh. pan to form : with rind...
When m. laps of ths bubble, poo. a teaspoon of
maple syrup on Inch. Flip and cook the on... s
43) Pronsi. r iii. pancakes to a plan and allow to cool.
In Form an ground saving n to Grinch wad. Potter's
and fry. sson. i. r an to a plan.
an Pour thr, egg in no hot pan and cook in We
same way you would cook an am. t. Fold an comers lo
In using one pancake as a base, rill. on the g,
sausage, a silo. of American rho ., and mp It wirh
anothor whoa».
In ins. moi. you lake a him, stop. Pull on. your gun
Sanchez say "I know ynu' d follow mo hue,” without
an whon Sanchez says "Why did you do mm why
l you in go w" yours" a MKS. -iadln from
r my with ‘Because they stop s. r. nng
oi 11, and I kl . haying o hagrid . oi
It' s tho system. man. in a mass d up! s
designed m hold people o m. down. It' s designed to
hold people ilk. you down."
49) whon Sancho: responds will. " do you
mean?" You my "You' never had a . hay.
50) cu. him on and my "Just um it. sum... yaw.
going to put who hali.. s in mo, all I ask ion in exchange
is that you w I won. you m undersand who. you' re
against. And I won. you m und. r.. ond who. in
you, do naming. Just wan. Hold t o homemade M. -.6. -addh
m his mouth and lo. him Mk: a hi...
whon sand... lowers his gun and walks Inward
52) Watch him as ho chews.
53) when ho rays "My mtd... wotm.. whatt hay. I done?
simply say, "It' s okay, ... les okay Give him
ch. us. oi m liie. seidel. and assemble your own.
54) s down next to him a. your dinner table and enjoy
your do nu: Mcgriddle, omagosh
hand on his shoulder and my “I know, Sandi... I know.‘
Homemade - They' re fucking worth it
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