I have a chair like that one.. . V 11/ 12/ 06( Sun) 17. 5347 No. 15626276 hi /b/. 18, and haven' t left my house in around three years. my days are filled with
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I have a chair like that one.

V 11/ 12/ 06( Sun) 17. 5347 No. 15626276
hi /b/. 18, and haven' t left my house in around three years. my days
are filled with watching TV and siding the net. iused to be a cheerleader
and grade A student in high school, until god took a **** on my life. i was
walking home from the library at night when someone came up from
behind me and hit me on the he ad with something. they think it was a
baseball bat. i dont remember anything else after that, and i woke up in
the hospital a month later after being in a coma.
the doctors told me someone found me the next morning and my head
was pretty much cracked in half. they were amazed that i was still alive.
but that' s not the worst part... whoever did that to me raped me for
hours and hours after knocking me out. they said they had to stich up my ****** and ******* with weer
100 stiches. to make things worse the rapist put out cigarette; inside my ****** and after raping me put
rocks up me then ... just kicked my body all weer. iwas found ***** and half dead, and half my teeth
were cracked or missing.
Hound out a few months later thati contracted AIDS from the bastard who did this to me. i also now
have advanced HIE’ and am dying. the saddest thing was that i was a virgin and this person ruined
my body and my life. i' m paralyzed on half on my body and in a whe plenair from the brain hemmorage.
every day i ask god why he let this happen to me. i want to die.
F 11/ 12/ 06( Sun) 17. No. 15626376
exact same type of chair.
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Submitted: 11/18/2010
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#1 - Reegareth (11/18/2010) [-]

i think i have the same chair too :D
User avatar #7 - Nasaug (11/18/2010) [-]
/b/ internet superstars
User avatar #6 - AwesomesaursRex (11/18/2010) [-]
Nice wallpaper. I'm more into Harley Davidson, but I wouldn't say no to a Kawasaki Ninja.
#5 - devout feminist (11/18/2010) [-]
I used to, but I moved and changed the set.
#4 - Billsdaughter (11/18/2010) [-]
i seriously, no joke, have that chair. it is the best ******* chair ever.
User avatar #2 - powallow (11/18/2010) [+] (1 reply)
how u gonna be half dead... unless u a zommbie
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