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Pokemon after graduating 3

Pokemon after graduating 3
No one new much of this kid, she only really seen at the graduation
ceremony. Not much is known what she did after, many suspect she was just a
Tauros was just one of a pack He did everything his friends did. After
University they all started a business together and currently have money issues.
Wartortle would always hrrg to everyone but if challenged at anything he
would just withdraw. Wartortle now is running for prime minister.
ii!, yiis: The rich kid. He bought his way through university and bribed his
7; -"-3% '/; j', ii' i:' markers. He spends his money for his 3 holiday homes and invests in
products every now and then.
Ditto was the kind of guy that adapted to any situation and em get into
people' s minds but hm no real personality of his own. He became a
licensed therapist a year or 2 after university.
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