The Bible Explained. It's a repost, but still a classic. Her/ it/ Capp/ his the -, t d the bible explained
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The Bible Explained

Her/ it/
Capp/ his the -, t distort it’?
Old Testament the creates the universe and he sees it and it' s sen' eds BUSINESS. eat then Satan pretends to
be a snake and tress Eve, wiring her "-apple er GTFO" it er she was already shearing tits) She cheeses the
fewer and then her and her **** studdy Adam get as them Eden fer being alt. Then a let ref swipes *******
intrest esters and we gentle human race which explains a lot. really).
Then later, we gets deer pissed meet Pharaoh Hitler the Jews. he gives theses seine eh eat wees
fer the averse. the ses stages a mass stave and wens up the sea " the Jews can run thm ugh.
closing it behind him and dreaming the ancient Nazis Gee iea' d.
Some ether less Wipe stant **** happens, me title tern pd sad tit a launch e' l taggers writing enter partna anti m Gad
tor trim to rap to.
New Testament the finds Mary sleeping andjust sticks the tip in and greps his lead Mine months later, Jesus is
hem. Fer his with , Gad gave Jesus mere eh eat tides than he gave the see, plus the rt en pa ashlar's fer
lite, and CF
Later, Jesus means a hard users are punk anti hailed the Did sender Jews here. may get super pissed and
perms panned him WITH a erest and serge nine men hairs. They eager he had gee metre turned on the ugh. SC) he
waited a days and mt siege start an the men pan , earns east: Into irre' s sewer, and mug has at the Jews.
After at, 3 mere guys tell the same star; then this tag get Paul -mete an Essie ad cf **** abrupt sea being evil
and at bunch tit ether stuff that Jesus never ******* said but listened ta Paul anyway because they' re
explains it
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