The Bible Explained. It's a repost, but still a classic. /funny_pictures/1201940/High+Expectations+Asian+Dad+Comp+4/. Her/ it/ Capp/ his the -, t distort it’? O the bible explained
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The Bible Explained

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Her/ it/
Capp/ his the -, t distort it’?
Old Testament the creates the universe and he sees it and it' s sen' eds BUSINESS. eat then Satan pretends to
be a snake and tress Eve, wiring her "-apple er GTFO" it er she was already shearing tits) She cheeses the
fewer and then her and her fuck studdy Adam get as them Eden fer being alt. Then a let ref swipes fucking
intrest esters and we gentle human race which explains a lot. really).
Then later, we gets deer pissed meet Pharaoh Hitler the Jews. he gives theses seine eh eat wees
fer the averse. the ses stages a mass stave and wens up the sea " the Jews can run thm ugh.
closing it behind him and dreaming the ancient Nazis Gee iea' d.
Some ether less Wipe stant shit happens, me title tern pd sad tit a launch e' l taggers writing enter partna anti m Gad
tor trim to rap to.
New Testament the finds Mary sleeping andjust sticks the tip in and greps his lead Mine months later, Jesus is
hem. Fer his with , Gad gave Jesus mere eh eat tides than he gave the see, plus the rt en pa ashlar's fer
lite, and CF
Later, Jesus means a hard users are punk anti hailed the Did sender Jews here. may get super pissed and
perms panned him WITH a erest and serge nine men hairs. They eager he had gee metre turned on the ugh. SC) he
waited a days and mt siege start an the men pan , earns east: Into irre' s sewer, and mug has at the Jews.
After at, 3 mere guys tell the same star; then this tag get Paul -mete an Essie ad cf shit abrupt sea being evil
and at bunch tit ether stuff that Jesus never fucking said but listened ta Paul anyway because they' re
explains it
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