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louisiana Myths

Tags: myths
Louisiana Maths
J oban
The Jobye is a monster found in Loui aria, and is said to have
killed 15 people in ways that can not be replicated by human
Cry Baby
In the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana, there is a serial killer that
lures woman out of their homes and kills them, by playing a voice
recorder of a baby crying.
A man posing as a good samaritan attempted to gain entry to a
woman' s vehicle by 'returning' a bill she supposedly dropped.
When she exited the vehicle, the man would would kill the woman
and steal her car. Reports of this have been noted up and down
Swamp Monster
The Honey Island Swamp monster is a Mythological beast, reported
from Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana since 1963. The creature is
described as bipedal, seven feet (2. 2 metres) tall, with gray hair and
red eyes. The creature is accompanied by a disgusting smell.
Footprints supposedly left by the creature have four webbed toes.
The Cross Lake Alligator
At Cross Lake in Shreveport, Louisiana a photo was taken of a giant
alligator with a full grown deer in its mouth.
Ghosts on campus
Pleasant Hall, the old , is haunted by several
visitors who committed suicide and one guest who attempted to kill
her lover and then herself.
Keiichi woman' s college
There is a woman' s college in Keiichi, Louisiana said to be a
hospital during the civil war, to aid the wounded from the war. It is
said that ifyou go on the second floor, you can hear the moans of
those who have passed.
Lot comes from US wierd books.
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