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#19 - anon (12/19/2009) [-]
all systems are good for their own reasons. the wii has some of the best franchises ever made. wii doesn't have good graphics because that is not what they were looking to achieve: they were looking to create a new way to play the games. the xbox has some pretty great, and original shooting franchises . unfortunately since microsoft doesnt care about its customers, they thought it would be funny to make us pay $50 a year and still give us worse quality internet than the PS3 and i might even go as far as to say that its internet is as good as the wii. the PS3 has some pretty epic looking games, which always looked good. it also has good internet. I have a wii, an xbox 360, and i wouldnt mind having a PS3. now shut the hell up, its irritating
#46 to #19 - anon (12/19/2009) [-]
You ******** . Why did you start going off about consoles when the picture was about how the controllers looked alike?
User avatar #20 to #19 - shlacka (12/19/2009) [-]
I like how you didn't mention anything bad for the Playstation.

Does it really matter people? I have an X-box 360, but thats only because the Playstation 3 was more expensive, and the Wii doesn't have Modern Warfare.
User avatar #22 to #20 - OriginalDH (12/19/2009) [-]
The Wii DOES have modern warfare...

#39 to #22 - anon (12/19/2009) [-]
Modern warfare reflex... port from CoD4 and is awesome
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