Your Christmas Tree's Twitter Page. found this funny pic on E sarc' , , M Heme Profile Find People Settings Help Sign out What are you doing? A Chris Christmas Tree twitter funny lol omg xmas
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Your Christmas Tree's Twitter Page

E sarc' , , M Heme Profile Find People Settings Help Sign out
What are you doing? A Christmas
T it ante, ris mas ree
UM: abiout Formerly a
Hume forest In Gary, .
now Some pricker INV'
A Christmas Tree Great, now Pm in a dumpster. teem
I 1 I AM lart Hrh front ] t‘ Flt https/ f WWW. treeline
A Christmas Tree Payback time; I' m shitting needles all 1' lla',""'' t taut Chal B
over your carpet, asshole.
27 AM. Dec. 25th from
A Christmas Tree Gael I' m surrounded by ugly people in IO 3, 642
bathrobes. WTF? following followers
Tryp. ocer. ;-|' Fro m lynmgyl Di?
A Christmas Tree THE ...,
9: PM Dec. Mir, [rpm Tatata an
A Christmas Tree Kids, that' s your dad, not Santa. He' s Favorates 7
wearing a fake beard! ll This is
fr. PM that btl h from 1' - Atrii [
block Paul
A Christmas Tree Christ, new the dog is drinking my
water. Get AWAY!
BMI PM Dec. 21st fr
A Christmas Tree Oh God, water, water, sweet, sweet
E' Elei. PM Dec. 31st from Taip.
A Christmas Tree Must qqy concentrate ... on . falling
over on child
BED PM Dec. from Tia. -:
A Christmas Tree Sure, throw some more boxes around
my ass! Why not?
srl? PM [Joe " Hem Twatty[ 3tH: k
A Christmas Tree ( You look familiar.
Did we go to school together?
El iid PM . 11th from Fwf. setlist,
A Christmas Tree MAKE IT STOP
iall 3. 33 PM Dec. Bth friars, '
1. 2. 2 Phil file: in from "
FII A Christmas Tree Hey guys, i appreciate you knocking
Mobile. my head against EVERY WALL YOUR GODDAMN
HOUSE while dragging me inside
we AM Nay 30171 from T' _ Itit Tre nding toypics:
A Christmas Tree Look at THIS gaudy shit; blinking lights Tiger Woods
la. around a house? Who does that? Golden Grabes
AM May. Nth from Ty.. Ietd.
A Christmas Tree Made it. .
E-' 24 AM Nav Maxim
Olivia Munn
an Ass Nay. 27th from I
Emma Santa
Ch b II
A Christmas Tree They' re strapping me to a fucking can ‘BEE 3 5
g are PM Home Nth From twr? Toto rules
there, dick!."
A Christmas Tree RT {EA Squirrel: "My house was in Star Wars
H In TADAM New from Twere Dart
Riptide Ti/ shave
Lia A Christmas Tree Where are my FEET?! b b
Nav. Man an 5
J. AM Nov. from
that shiny sharp thing they' re carrying?
TEI AM Nav. from Ty. -eeto} ecid
kill A Christmas Tree Uh look, here comes a happy family
singing carols, How nice...,
A Christmas Tree Another bright, crisp, fall morning!
Ill. What a time to be alive! Smell that fresh country air! -
G: 03 we Nov was from Deck do MS
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