The Interweb Adventure (Part 1). Part 2 /funny_pictures/1196506/The+Interweb+Adventure+Part+2/<br /> The last secret message that NOBODY found is 'marblec the interweb adventure
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The Interweb Adventure (Part 1)

The Interweb Adventure (Part 1). Part 2 /funny_pictures/1196506/The+Interweb+Adventure+Part+2/<br /> The last secret message that NOBODY found is 'marblec

Part 2 /funny_pictures/1196506/The+Interweb+Adventure+Part+2/<br />
The last secret message that NOBODY found is 'marblecake'. It is in the panel with the ADMIN building, in the bottom right, and needs to be seen by tilting your screen back. Even then, it's still not very legible. No one wins lol

My Story began an a dark and
gloomy day was at my H mince,
wasting " day away Waiting to
get new to my family and friends
at Facebook
Come in
Lolgen, I have bad
a k What IS It.
See for
Amember ID
E from Admin You are being
mm today Fawn to mm Mil \: In your
Have a nice may
Vim Jung I
Fuck, Admin wants
me to visit mm, or
else |‘ m permabanned
Bring something
nostalgic from the
905, hell brobably
go easy on you ,
Several Hours
I‘ m here
Hello? Anyone
go up the stairs, up the
stairs the way to the
top, open the door...
Arrighty then
manta, "pant"
If there are any more
stairs, I‘ m gonna
have a fatah
About fucking the
Uh, Admin, ts me
Lolgen. You wanted to
see me?
Yes, I did want to see you. I have
selected you to embark on a
mission, and It IS very dangerous.
I need someone to complete It for
What is it?
Lolgenerator, Funijunk IS a very
unique website, because of our
content comes from the users. All
the Images, ideos, comments,
everything rs done by the user, and I
am lust here to maintain things. "s, '
There are few websites quite We
I understand
that, but what
do with me or a
No one notices the Bower members of
Funnyfunny. No one seems to care
where they are. Because of ths, no
one noticed East night. Last night,
over 700 members of were
taken, We Liam daughter" In
that one movie. "s,
What?! Where
were they taken
I dont know, youll have to
figure It out for yourself. The
man on the bottom floor WIN
give you a map of the Internet,
maybe that WIN help you.
Uh, Admin told me you could
give me a map of the Internet.
Can I have it?
ts already in
your' pocket
Thanks broski
No problem
Warm 599271....
gnaw . -can
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