4chan internet superheroes. repost. Cl Ananymous twt ( :59: 55 bla/ l 53495868 Irr, we matte really we crystals. and We results! Okay, so this is easy, you shou 4chan internet superheroes repost Cl Ananymous twt ( :59: 55 bla/ l 53495868 Irr we matte really crystals and We results! Okay so this is easy you shou
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4chan internet superheroes

Cl Ananymous twt ( :59: 55 bla/ l 53495868
Irr, we matte really we crystals. and We results!
Okay, so this is easy, you should have all of the chemicals needed freund
the heibel
Twit new mm 5» -ever ENE pennies (or pepper [rein from your mum},
and a straw. put these aside.
Get a deer jar, setup 2 tablespoons Elf eeit into it; and 1 elf balmy
New the first important ingredient should barin the bathroom supplies:
Ammonia (any brand). Four it in until the jar is Elia of the they full has tall as
tou whatthe crystals tn gmw)
The test ingredient is laundry bleech' l thereto! not m spill on your }. fill the rest mete jar,
New dmp the pennies the the whom. and we the straw and blew bubbles onto the pennies to get the crystals going.
You shol. itoi begin to we Bitings crystals fern": eke about 30 Ewes elf blowing. This it!
The meshed pie took meow to minutes of steady blowing
The pink end purple mote from the production of using the MI? in your (Wm breathe
blessing until dizzy meaty increases the CDA in your breath, giving better enters]
Good luck!
A few days later
his L "12509_ , it , 400x392,. lukee jpg)
V" Anonymous {REED Bis end : fila Na. BTI
looms every day on this site for like 2 months and] always permeate in stuff and do the
site seys buttfais time is killed me.
I am writing this shit from the hospital be causal als mo sofucking died.
some posted something to make from some re gum stuff this wens has. lfl
remember it correctly tthere: soda, salt, some pennies {the copper] needed), end e
bit bleach.
I had to mitt it and blow through e straw twill I became we because then there would be more
Caitlin there soiherd would be nice colours in the crystal.
The they found or something in my body (WAITH
passed out forever days.
Heals to stay here for like 1 week more and my parents cut ofthe intenet,
Thnx Eliot .. hope everyone ofyou die
Picture readied.. its the crystal he Heidi was goingto get I which almost killed ma
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