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#228 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
all americans are fags
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#295 to #228 - EZBakeFourthAcct (11/08/2010) [-]
successfull troll is pretty full of success
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#283 to #268 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
Typical American patriotism notice how he defends where he lives without going anywhere else first.
#307 to #283 - EZBakeFourthAcct (11/08/2010) [-]

youve been universally declared a jackass
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#320 to #284 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
nothing wrong with defending your country just having the narrow minded nature not to try anything else is wrong
User avatar #386 to #320 - Ruspanic (11/08/2010) [-]
So you would say that you are NOT narrow-minded? You bash a country - or continent, even - you know nothing about. You make assertions and judgments based on stereotypes rather than facts. You are the paragon of the "American" qualities you claim to hate.
User avatar #301 to #284 - KazahkRussian (11/08/2010) [-]
Am I offended by Soviet Russia joke?


Was I born in the Soviet Union and proud
Yeah, I was
User avatar #233 to #228 - mizzylankshizzy (11/08/2010) [-]
Yep. All 300,000,000 of us are guys that like guys. Thanks, captain obvious.
#242 to #233 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
ok I'll admit to you now that not ALL americans are fags however accept my point that you fine yankies did come up with Justin Beiber. Your "captain obvious" quote is however very interesting as it describes the way that the rest of the world views your nation; stupid, lumbering, narrsisistic, arrogant, and just plain irresponsible. I feel that in the long run it is the Americans that are responsible for a lot of the worlds problems such as; the war in iraq, the BP oil spill, global warming etc. It makes us wonder why we ever created you incestual idiots in the first place.
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#315 to #305 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
Iraqis did not cause the war American greed caused the war.
Americans own most of British petroleum
Show me proof we use more oil
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User avatar #271 to #242 - gowge (11/08/2010) [-]
you sir are a disgrace to Europe!
#428 to #271 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
What an incredibly boring and unjustified thing to say.
#360 to #271 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
They have yet to find a WMD is was a clever piece of prpaganda.
I don't think I can debate this anymore. I'm actually American and I created this account souley to start a political debate with a few patriots. So expect no more replies.
#262 to #242 - Apac (11/08/2010) [-]
Ok, let me fix some of your dumb ass mistakes. 1. Justin Bieber came from CANADA. 2. BRITISH PETROLEUM spilled oil in the Gulf of MEXICO. 3. America is the tenth most polluted country. Sure, 10 is still high, but don't blame us till we are the first, ok? And I'm guessing you are probably European. You didn't "create" us, our country is full of immigrants from the whole world, and if you created "incestual idiots", doesn't that mean you guys had incest? And idiocy can be hereditary.
User avatar #303 to #262 - KazahkRussian (11/08/2010) [-]
Go search up how much of the entire worlds resources you use, and how much trash you create

Then We'll talk
#311 to #303 - Apac (11/08/2010) [-]
Well, we either produce the resources ourself or pay for it. Don't act like we steal it, if we buy it or make it ourselves, it's our right to use however much we choose to. And plus, we are one of the more populous countries so with that, of course we will use more resources and produce more trash.
#343 to #311 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
You do none of the above my friend. Unless every piece of food you buy is fair trade and you own no clothes. Admittedly I suppose you do have the right to produce more trash but not that much more.
User avatar #328 to #311 - KazahkRussian (11/08/2010) [-]
Well played ^_^

See, at least you can give valid reasons
#336 to #328 - Apac (11/08/2010) [-]
Haha thanks, I like debating, and when I do I give good reasons, I don't just say "We aren't fags, you are! USA USA USA! EVERYONE ELSE ARE FAAAAAAAGS!" cuz I know that just makes us Americans look worse
User avatar #340 to #336 - KazahkRussian (11/08/2010) [-]
#280 to #262 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
Firstly your mistakes Justin Bieber IS from America as Canada IS in America check a map. Secondly BRITISH PETROLEUM IS an American run company and we DID create you as we colonised before an idiotic Englishman failed to control you rabbit breeding dogs in those colonies and because you are incestual does not mean we are. I don't see any of your logic there...
#300 to #280 - Apac (11/08/2010) [-]
3. Where do you get that we're incestual? From one small part of the United States (the South)? That's like saying you Europeans are all military failures just because of France, or you're Commies because of Russia, or Nazis because of Germany.
#299 to #280 - EZBakeFourthAcct (11/08/2010) [-]
for hundreds of years most people of nobility were in fact incestual. And yeah, people ran away from you cuz you were assholes, i guess that means you created us. Ah but i forget the native americans who are really the only reason were here.
#296 to #280 - Apac (11/08/2010) [-]
1. Who really references Canada as America? You are switching your meaning of America. First, you talk about the country, then continent, then country again. Choose one and base your argument from there. And anyways, the continent is NORTH America. America is a double meaning, and when you use a double meaning, you're either basically secretly giving yourself a safety net to fall back on, or you wanted someone to fall for that trap so you can have a cheap reason to call them dumb.
2. "BP p.l.c.[4][5] (LSE: BP, NYSE: BP) is a global oil and gas company headquartered in London, United Kingdom." That's off Wikipedia.
#306 to #296 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
Finally someone who has bothered to think. America refers the the entire continent yes including North America which is what I am refering too to describe Justin Biebers home country.
#313 to #306 - Apac (11/08/2010) [-]
Ok, so that's a Canada thing. So, are you going to rant against North America, or the United States?
#309 to #306 - EZBakeFourthAcct (11/08/2010) [-]
you say that as if you forgot you just flamed him.
#420 to #309 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
I don't think you understand but you've just decided I've been attacking the US the whole time and therefore put words in your own mouth.
#431 to #420 - EZBakeFourthAcct (11/08/2010) [-]
you pretty much have. and yes i like to be the ones to put words in my own mouth, i dont see how it should be any other way.
#457 to #431 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
You've literally just taken responsibility for everything America has ever done wrong if you want to go on a techniquality.
#467 to #457 - EZBakeFourthAcct (11/08/2010) [-]
im the one going on a technicality eh? and if i was that would prove me responsible for everything 1 billion plus people who have ever lived here have done. youre about as logical as an orgy of rhino eunuchs right now you know
#478 to #467 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
The point of my arguement was to prove yours was poor...which I think it just has. I'm not saying you personally I'm saying whoever you stand for.
#484 to #478 - EZBakeFourthAcct (11/08/2010) [-]
there was no arguement to begin with. you said he was dumb, then you said finally someone who thinks to the same person a comment later. i find this humerus.
#513 to #484 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
I payed no attention to who I was talking to. Using psychological points in intelligent debate does not contribute to the arguement either especially if they are not properly constructed.
#507 to #484 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
There was an arguement as I have made around 10 or 15 points which are all completely valid and solid Apac did not make a solid point as I pointed out. I feel that's probably a compliment as I was simply taking any arguement and pulling them apart.
#531 to #507 - EZBakeFourthAcct (11/08/2010) [-]
This is all based on your personal opinion of superiority, filled with slander and opinions that you stated as fact. I dont see how that is pulling apart anything.
#544 to #531 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/09/2010) [-]
I at no point mentioned superiority, my entire arguement is based on facts and research found from reliable sources. My own understanding of sophisticated debate has nothing to do with me being superior to any other person.
User avatar #253 to #242 - dylanisman (11/08/2010) [-]
wow..you have NO idea what your talking about huh um america didnt want the war in iraq we were against it but we couldnt stop bush 2 justin bieber is from canada cock sucker
User avatar #308 to #253 - KazahkRussian (11/08/2010) [-]
User avatar #314 to #308 - dylanisman (11/08/2010) [-]
um no..he was famous on youtube which is viewed by all countries that have access and he's been on tour in europe
User avatar #252 to #242 - evilmagic (11/08/2010) [-]
Justin Beiber is Canadian. Also why should we care what the rest of the world thinks of us? Our air force and navy more than double the ones of the second strongest military force in the world, China. So if you are one of those people from Canada that are like "hurr we are better cause we are Canada" well your army is just a measly number 23. Yeah Mexico has a better military than you. In fact they are such pushovers that America managed to bully them from joining the UK.
#260 to #252 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
*sigh* propaganda my friends is one of the most powerful forces in the world and to be honest with you Canada is in America but not the USA and you should care what the rest of the world thinks of you as you are currently in a horrible economic crisis which completely destroys the idea of going to war. Besides your entire economy is based mainly in China as they control a lot of you economy.
User avatar #263 to #260 - evilmagic (11/08/2010) [-]
Uh huh, you do know we are officially out of the economic crisis now right?
#266 to #263 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
You honestly believe that you have fully recovered from an economic crisis? Just like that? Do come back when you've thought what you're saying through.
User avatar #267 to #266 - evilmagic (11/08/2010) [-]
I never said we "fully recovered" we just are no longer in a crisis.
#273 to #267 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
The point is that if you wanted to go to war you couldn't again for a long time besides the American citizens aparently dislike all war and there wouldn't be one anyway at the risk of anarchy.
User avatar #279 to #273 - evilmagic (11/08/2010) [-]
Why couldn't we? We win the war in Afghanistan and we have free oil for life pretty much. So then with us not spending as much money there, we could easily declare war.
#285 to #279 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
You can't win a guerilla war all you are doing over there is bullying the locals. Everytime you kill one of the "terrorists" their families get involved; brothers sisters friends.
#319 to #285 - anon (11/08/2010) [-]
watever you faggots think bout america, theres one thing that is true. we are the greatest country in the world. Our soldiers kick ass, our women are gorgeous, our sports teams own yours whenever we meet, and we have created some of the best food out there that u fags take for granted now. and yes we are out of the economic crisis now, everyone is getting hired again. i just got a job 3 weeks ago. AMERICA **** YEAH
#326 to #319 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
Really? Your soldiers are jarheaded underachievers your women aren't quite as good as our (bit fat), your sports teams beat at a few things but not our own actual sports, most of the food you "created" is actually from elsewhere.
#334 to #326 - anon (11/08/2010) [-]
i smell envy, come live in america ******** , show you a good time
#347 to #334 - Googelytheweeghost **User deleted account** (11/08/2010) [-]
Ever been to a British music festival? I envy nothing...
User avatar #292 to #285 - evilmagic (11/08/2010) [-]
Watch it happen. Just watch. We have superior resources and more soldiers. People said we couldn't beat the British, but look how that turned out.
User avatar #235 to #233 - GodofFapping (11/08/2010) [-]
you, sir, just got trolled
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