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User avatar #519 - Vendettaune (11/06/2010) [-]
Yo kerbe did you hear? Funnyjunk has a ******* IPHONE APP! Ill talk to you about it in a pm. Reply to me if you wanna know more :D
User avatar #526 to #519 - OperativeOpposite (11/06/2010) [-]
PFFFTTT like apple would support a socially off/racist/sexist website, and some of it's socially off/racist/sexist members. .___.
User avatar #535 to #526 - OperativeOpposite (11/06/2010) [-]
Yeah they're taking content and style sure, But i'm pretty sure they won't include any of our other...errr...things some of are faggety members like to do.
User avatar #530 to #526 - Vendettaune (11/06/2010) [-]
You don't belive me? http://funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/1173317/Funnyjunk+has+a+iPhone+App/ Click the link and come back with your ass bleeding from ******** brix.
User avatar #520 to #519 - KERBE (11/06/2010) [-]
thats cool and everything but i dont have a iphone or ipod anymore i washed it and never got a new one lol
User avatar #531 to #520 - Vendettaune (11/06/2010) [-]
With the app in about 2 days this will be on it -_-
User avatar #524 to #520 - Vendettaune (11/06/2010) [-]
You washed it? Do you mean that you but it in the washing machine because i did that once and it got ****** UP!
User avatar #532 to #524 - KERBE (11/06/2010) [-]
yes it was in my pocket and i forgot about it and washed it in the washing machine i worked for awhile then finally just died forever lol
User avatar #534 to #532 - Vendettaune (11/06/2010) [-]
i did it once but it came out looking like someone shat all over my washing machine.
User avatar #537 to #534 - KERBE (11/06/2010) [-]
haha yeah i dont use an ipod anymore i just use my phone for music
User avatar #543 to #537 - Vendettaune (11/06/2010) [-]
It's not even my iphone its my gfs,(Funny that a guy on this site has a GF) i only have a ipod nano because all i need an ipod product is to just listen to music.
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