What's On Your Mind? 2. EVERY COMMENT GETS A THUMB! WOOOOOOOOOOO<br /> Part 1: /funny_pictures/1164927/What+s+On+Your+Mind/. Hey RI, yesterday I posted so what is on your mind Part one lets hear it
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What's On Your Mind? 2

Hey RI, yesterday I posted something because I was interested
in what was on the mind of . To say the least, We got some
pretty interesting responses. Some people asked questions that
were answered, and other people... well, drew an Irish potato
yelling at a italian pizza because it got its pizza sauce all over
his whore of a daughter... anyway, I want to see what you guys
are thinking today! Anyone can post how they feel or what they
are thinking. There is only one rule I want you guys to follow:
No hate. No down thumbing peoples comments, only positive
thumbing! Spread the love! Let' s make this perfectly clear, I DO
NOT CARE ABOUT THUMBS. Alright , let' s hear it!
Views: 1014 Submitted: 11/05/2010